Moving to Conservers host compost panel at Pisgah Group Sierra Club meeting – folks are changing their habits!

Thursday, February 22nd at 7 pm the Pisgah Group of the Sierra Club hosted Moving to Conservers, who delivered a panel presentation on composting.  Elizabeth Pell of the group organized a panel that consisted of herself as moderator, Maureen Copelof of Brevard's city council, Kenn Webb of Transylvania County Solid Waste Authority, Ron Wingard a county resident, Bart Renner of the county extension office and Zoe Muhalis is a 15-year-old high school student. The meeting was well attended and a lot of questions were asked.  I spoke to one couple after the presentation and they have decided to build their own compost bin.  Fantastic! I think the most powerful part of the presentation for myself was hearing what Ron had to say.  He and his wife had started to compost on January 1st of 2018.  He said, as a result, he expects instead of taking over 20 bags of trash to the dump this year he will take 6 or less!  Wow!  That is a lot of waste [...]

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Building a toolkit to help neighbors teach neighbors about composting options in Brevard and surroundings areas

Moving to Conservers is a local group that explores ways to implement changes we want to see in our community.  Currently, we are working on implementing a community compost program with a goal of removing organics from the landfill so we can put them to work creating soil for local gardening projects. We kicked off the project February 1st and are moving full speed ahead.  It was agreed we would organize using community advocates who will reach out to their neighbors and design solutions.  In order to organize that, we need to develop a toolkit to be used by these neighbors.  So we are. We have asked people to answer this question:  What do you want in hand when you knock on your neighbor's door or host a house party? Members have started responded.  As we collect the information, I will add it here.  We have asked for all input by February 8th.  Please feel free to share your thoughts.  Once we have our initial list, we will [...]

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Compost collection project moves forward in Brevard and surrounding communities

On February 1st, individuals came to King Street 185 for a discussion on starting curbside composting in Brevard. There was a wealth of knowledge and ideas shared in addition to a potluck.  And the food......always outstanding.  Thank you, King Street 185 for hosting the event. We enjoyed our meals while watching this video from the show Growing A Greener World:  The Compost Pedallers.  It is a great show and worth the 25 minutes to watch in my humble opinion.   Two next steps were agreed on: Collect information on all the compost sites already in existence.  Designate those that are willing to accept compost drop-off from citizens Organize using community advocates who will reach out to their neighbors and design solutions to collect organics so they can be used to create soil. It is exciting to see so many people come together towards making our community even more amazing.

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