We went to City Hall!

Picture of Susan Sunflower at a previous council meeting By Kristine Hall On May 21, 2018 - 7 PM EST, multiple Moving to Conservers and Sierra Club members attended the monthly Brevard City Council meeting to show support for the Sierra Club Pisgah Chapter’s “Ready for 100 Campaign” presentation. If implemented, the suggestions within this proposal would transition all city operations to renewable energy by 2030 or sooner.   As people arrived to the meeting, Mayor Jimmy Harris welcomed each attendant individually, introduced himself and presented he or she with a commemorative 150th Anniversary City of Brevard lapel pin.  He was friendly and joked with folks which provided a light and amiable mood at the start of the meeting.   As the meeting commenced, Mayor Harris introduced the city officials and our Councilmen and Councilwoman present at the meeting whilst explaining everyone’s role to the public attendees.   As a side note, Mayor Harris also took time to stop and explain all the proceedings throughout the entire evening’s [...]

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Is Brevard ready to transition to 100% renewable energy

I wanted to share this email I received: The Pisgah Group of the North Carolina Sierra Club Executive Committee sent the letter below to to the Brevard City Council and Mayor Harris at the beginning of March to encourage them to transition to renewable electrical power for all municipal facilities by 2030, in keeping with the Sierra Club's "Ready for 100 Campaign". The City of Brevard, like hundreds of municipalities across the United States, signed on to the Sierra Club’s Cool Cities initiative that was inaugurated by the Club in 2005. In keeping with the spirit of the initiative, the Pisgah Group of the North Carolina Sierra Club proposes that City Council pass a resolution to transition all city operations to renewable energy by the year 2030, if not sooner. Neighboring Buncombe County committed to such a goal in December 2017. This visionary move was supported by the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Campaign in Asheville, as well as community members and other environmental organizations. Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer joined 189 other mayors across the country in signing the Mayors for 100% [...]

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