A visit to Danny's Dumpsters commercial compost facility

By Willow Walker On August 6th, a small group of Conservers got to visit Danny’s Dumpsters, a commercial composting facility that serves Asheville and surrounding areas, turning large volumes of food scraps into a rich, soil enhancing product. The facility is owned and operated by Danny Keaton, who also handles the collection and hauling of food scraps for composting at his facility. Danny started collecting food scraps for composting in 2009, first taking those materials to an existing composter in the area. When that facility closed, he opened his own composting facility to continue diverting food wastes from the landfill. He currently leases property from the City of Asheville in an out-of-the way yet convenient location near the Nature Center and Swannanoa River in Asheville where large piles of mulch-like materials, surrounded by lots of standing water from recent rains, are transformed into nutrient rich compost. Given the Conservers interest in starting a composting facility here in Brevard, Danny began our tour by discussing the permitting requirements necessary [...]