A bucket list, 2 friends and the gift of time

I love being a part of Moving to Conservers.  People ask me sometimes what the group is about and what our goals are.  Of course, each person has a different reason for joining our gatherings, following our newsletter, or contacting us.  I can only speak for my goals with the group and that is simple:  love. I love the people I share a meal with, have a conversation with and learn from.  I also love the food they bring. Last December we hosted the "Gift of your time" pop-up coffee shop in downtown Brevard.  That event signifies what I believe we are all about. We simply met at the Gazebo and shared warm drinks and treats with friends and people walking past.  We used real cups.  It sent the message we want you to stick around and chat for awhile and folks did.  and that it was a zero-waste, leave no trace gathering. It also highlighted for me that the greatest gift we have to give is our [...]

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