Lake Jocassee and a birthday party. Giving the gift of time.

As we move towards a household that does not create waste, we have had to evaluate our gift giving activities.  It is challenging to change from being a consumer to a conserver when your 8-year-old grand daughter's birthday is approaching and she wants stuff.  We decided to give her the gift of our time and take her camping, kayaking, and fishing.  She loves to fish.  We reserved a campsite at Devils Fork State Park in South Carolina and she and our grandson joined us for a weekend adventure. John and I have been boaters for a very long time.  Between the two of us, we have been on a lot of water.  I was stunned by Lake Jocassee.  It is crystal clear.  It is very very deep.  It can be very treacherous.  We set up camp on Wednesday and explored before the young explorers arrived.  The lake is breath-taking.  It is so large it shares a lot of characteristics you would see in the ocean.  I was very [...]

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Cooperatives, community learning with Moving to Conservers: The video

COOPERATIVES, presented by Kimberly Hunter of Mt. Biz Works (by S. Sunflower) Sixteen people met at the Elections Conference Room, Brevard, on 13 September. This was the second of funding and business structure presentations Moving 2 Conserver sponsored. Kimberly ‘zoomed’ in with a powerpoint show. The fantastic electronics allowed all to talk and see each other, in spite of distance. Conservers asked 3 questions, as we began: Why shouldn’t people use the coop structure? Not if it doesn’t fit originators business interests, coops are voluntary, democratic business tools. See also the Beneficial Corporation/B Corp, as another viable option: To define shared needs and directions, the ‘Margaret Mead’ discussion process is useful. Can a local public offering/NC PACES Act funding be used with the coop structure? Yes is the short answer. Mt. Biz is mentoring one such developing coop right now. That crowd-funding debut is 20 Sept., in Asheville. (Kim - flyer went home with someone … don’t have Kimberly’ home phone, either) What is the cost of [...]

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The Gift of Time Pop-up Coffee House coming back to downtown Brevard December 2018

Last year, Moving to Conservers hosted the Gift of Time pop-up coffee house in downtown Brevard.  You can see a write-up about last year's event here: The focus of the event is to remove the consumerism ascpect of the holidays and focus instead on time together and the immense gift of getting someone's time.  We had a great time last year and are looking forward to doing it again.  We have selected December 15th as the date for the gathering.  We have reserved the gazebo through the county and now we get to plan the fun! Interested in being a part of the planning?  Just let us know by emailing us at  Thanks!

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Transylvania County symposium on food scrap diversion: March 2019 at Just Ripe Farms

Moving to Conservers is organizing a community gathering at Just Ripe Farms in March 2019 to put into action plans for diverting food scraps from our landfill to other uses such as growing food and feeding livestock.  The event will include education, hands-on workshops and local businesses who are working to divert scraps and increase the life of our landfill. Interested in being a part of the planning?  Drop us a note at

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Susan Sunflower's visit to Vermont Composting

Thanks Susan for sharing your story of your visit! Visit to Vermont Composting - August 23 Karl Hammer, owner of Vermont Composting, Montpelier VT, toured me around the 25 year old facility. It was a great education and the best conversation I’ve had in a long time. My reason to visit: Moving to Conserver interest in developing compost options, including a small commercial facility) Highlights noted … The farm sits on a hill, at the edge of Montpelier. As homes moved closer, VC has accommodated urban neighbors with contracts re smell/noise, a pro-active step. When food scraps arrive, chickens are FIRST handlers, about 1000 of them of all ages, free range and housed in 16x24 nested, moveable sheds. Benefits - immediate treatment of bugs, smelly garbage, reveals inadvertent trash. There is no grain added to diet. Eggs are a staff benefit and for sale - a significant income line. They are protected by mules and electric fence. Processing into defined products occurs as named piles are mixed and [...]

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Mini-compost symposium was fantastic

On October 11th, over 20 local citizens gathered to talk about our progress towards diverting food scraps from the landfill and ways to divert more.  We heard about obstacles facing local restaurants that need removed so that they can send their food scraps to places where they can be used to make soil and feed livestock.  We heard about a local bicycle compost pick-up service starting in Brevard in January and we heard what citizens are doing in their own yards and their use of local drop-off sites. We talked about how we can support business owners who are interested in creating local, high-quality compost for the community and we offered our help to turn piles at local drop off locations. It was a fantastic gathering.  The conversation was dynamic and far too short.  This was a focus group of sorts for us and helped us identify issues we need to address in the community compost symposium we are organizing.  Now we will move forward to plan a [...]

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