Use Food Scraps Education Day Classes

Use Food Scraps Saturday's education and entrepreneur support day is coming together wonderfully.  Here is a list of the classes and offerings during the day.  Thanks to everyone who is making this possible! Title: Compost Demystified Instructor: Leif Olson 10 am - 12 pm Creating rich fertile soil is one of the most important activities we can do as people, and compost production is one of the best ways to do this.  However, not all compost is created equal and people following textbook prescriptions often fall short of making top quality compost. The good news is, with a basic understanding of the art of building a compost pile and the science of what’s going on inside the pile, anyone can create top-notch compost in their backyard that will surpass the quality of anything that can be purchased at a gardening store.  Not to mention the added bonus of diverting waste streams like food scraps, coffee grounds, and cardboard from burdening our landfills and recycling facilities. In this workshop [...]

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We got our solar up and charging!

About ten years ago, I lived off the grid in an RV and bought a modest solar system to power my home.  It has been in storage for awhile and we made it a priority to get it up and running and we did it!  Yesterday, we flipped the switch and started producing power with the sun! I remember how that made me feel a decade ago because I felt the same way yesterday; we are creating electricty without creating debt.  It is so calming watching the drill battery charge knowing it wasn't creating a bill we had to pay.  It is something I forgot.  Interesting.  We plan to expand the system as we grow and learn.  For now, we got something out of storage and put it to work!

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