Moving to a zero-waste home

A little over 2 years ago, John and I decided to move towards being a zero-waste home. We had seen first hand the destruction fracking did to our community and learned that a lot of the drilling was done to get gas to crack to make plastic. I never gave using plastic a thought because we took it to the recycling center. We learned that since China stopped taking our plastic, there isn’t much of a market for it so it tends to go in the landfill or into the ocean. The more we studied, we started wondering where “away” was and what disposable meant. When we threw something away we realized it just left our presence and went to someone else’s, usually around minority communities. We concluded that nothing is disposable. Landfills are lined and capped with rubber so items don’t decay in them. It started to seem barbaric to send our trash somewhere to be covered and buried. That is civilized, we asked ourselves? So we [...]

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Coffee Carts is for sale. That compost drop-off location is no longer available

Pauline, owner of Coffee Carts, has been a great friend to Moving to Conservers. She has closed Coffee Carts and has the property for sale. As a result, out compost drop-off location there is no longer available. Thanks Pauline for being a loving partner.  We wish you the best.  Much love.

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132 piece china collection and 100 place setting of silverware

What do these 2 things have in common? They were recently donated to us to help us further our work in the community of moving events to zero-waste! Thanks to those who thought of us and passed your items along to share with others. That is super kind and generous of you.

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Fermenting classes on June 13th and July 11th

Noel, who taught fermenting at our Use Food Scraps Symposium, saw in our newsletter we were going to pass the hat to fund our new website, She contacted us and offered to teach some fermenting classes as a fundraiser. Thank you Noel! The classes will take place during our potluck gatherings. Her first class will be on June 13th and the second will be on July 11th. Here are the details: June 13th:  Making Naked Kraut From Noel: We’ll make 4 krauts: naked, caraway, apple/carrot and a beet/ginger. If I can borrow you and 2 others to assist [I bet I can snag Rachel as well] we can make it a fun group gig. For my donation to the pot luck I’ll bring a jar of each of the 4 krauts so folks can taste what they are about to see demoed. July 11th:  Carrot fermenting In time for the harvest.  Join us and learn tasty carrot fermentation techniques. Please join us and thank Noel for her [...]

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The Use Food Scraps Symposium Beer is being released at Oskar Blues Brewery Tuesday, May 28th

You may remember that Oskar Blues Brewery partnered with Bracken Mountain Bakery to brew a beer made out of bread scraps for our Use Food Scarps Symposium. The beer will be made available this Tuesday, May 28th for all to try! We will be there to try it out and get a crowler for delivery to the Bakery. Thanks to both of them for joining us in this experiment!

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Let’s investigate opening an equipment sharing coop

Our work with Motown Memories, a fundraiser for Rise and Shine Freedom School, helped us collect a lot of dishware. We helped make a 190 place dinner zero-waste! It was fantastic. Now we have a lot of dishes and folks are donating more to us! We now need to explore ways to make these items and others available in our community. I was recently told about a lending group in Asheville where folks can check-out all kinds of items, reuse them and return them. It sounds like a great way to share and build community and reduce waste. We are looking into creating a cooperative to facilitate this service in the community. Will it be member-owned or employee-owned? Where will we store items? How will we do this? Want to help us find the answers and make the decisions? Join us!

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Moving to Conservers joined with Motown Memories to make a 190 plate dinner zero-waste!

For a great story about Motown Memories, check out this article in the Transylvania Times:

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Eagle’s Nest Academy Garden Tour

Many thanks to Bella for taking us on a tour of the Eagle's Nest Academy garden.  I learned so much.  I saw plants and techniques I had read about in practice.   I saw one technique I had never heard of which included burying a tree and planting on top of it.  As it rots, it creates a rich community below it. Bella explained that perennial rows were planted in between annual planning areas to enhance soil stability. There was an immense amount of food planted.  It was fascinating. Thanks to Bella for giving us the tour and sharing her knowledge.

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