Rooster Head Plantation needs a refrigerator. Have one available?

Update:  They now have a refrigerator!  How wonderful.   Rooster Head Plantation’s farm stand refrigerator is on its last leg and they are looking for a replacement. We are on the search. If you know of one available, please let us know.

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Rooster Head Plantation Farm Stand needs help with their compost drop-off facility

Jacqui has asked if we could help improve their compost drop-off facility. We said, of course. She needs signage to give folks instructions when dropping off their scraps, among other things. If anyone is interested in helping with the sign or improving the facility, let us know.  

Making biochar at Mountain Speak Outpost and learning as a community how to use this incredible soil additive.

Thanks to Mountain Speak Outpost for hosting our class on making biochar. Thanks to John for sharing his knowledge on making biochar. Biochar is a charcoal that is easily made. It is carbon-negative and has increased our garden’s yield. It also helps us reduce the amount of trash our household produces. We have created ½ bag of trash so far this year. Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to Althea for sharing these photos! It was a wonderful evening.

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Creating our member-owned sharing cooperative. Join us this Thursday for our planning kick-off?

Our next potluck gathering is this Thursday, August 1st at 6 pm at the Cedar Mountain Canteen. Please bring a covered dish to share and a non-disposable place setting and beverage glass. We will be kicking off the planning stage of our cooperative creation using the book the Sharing Solution (many thanks to Torry for sharing the book). Looking forward to sharing a meal together with everyone and moving our project to the next step!

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James shares his ideas about a sharing cooperative

Wow is there a lot of interest in creating a local sharing cooperative! James, who is the person who told me about Asheville’s Tool Shed, a sharing non-profit, has shared some great suggestions towards the creation of our local cooperative. Here is what he shared: The quickest and lowest cost way to grow this idea would probably be to start with a members only sharing library, from there we could grow the idea or work to form a new business. #1 Items could be listed online. *all monatary transactions could be done via the Moving Conservers website using PayPal. *or it could operate as Cash Only  #2 use storage units for holding shared items (Brevard location & Cedar Mountain location)  #3 have 4-5 key holders per location (key holders are compensated for time spent handling the pickup and return of items)  Some other thoughts 1. having a members only club not open to the general public would limit liability  2. members will take better care of rental items [...]

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Our next gathering is at the Mountain Speak Outpost in Cedar Mountain. John will be teaching a class on making biochar!

Join us this Thursday, July 18th at 6 pm for a potluck gathering and a class on making biochar. Learn what biochar is and how you can use it to enhance your soil. We have seen amazing results in our garden. We will gather at the Outpost, formerly known as the Quick Stop, located at 8431 Greenville Hwy, Brevard, NC 28712 Please bring a covered dish to share and your own non-disposable place setting. The potluck begins at 6 pm and the biochar class will begin at 7 pm. All are welcome!

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Fermenting carrots with Noel, a delicious meal and a great host, WolfBrew Bottle Shop

What a great gathering last Thursday! Noel once again taught us to ferment, this time with carrots, apples, ginger and such. I just love Noel’s classes. She is so passionate about fermenting and she make it so easy I leave feeling like I can do it and I have! I don’t even know where to being thanking Noel. She saw we needed funding for our new website and stepped up to give to classes to help us. We raised $145 and thanks to an additional donation from some dedicated supporters, we have covered our cost for our new website! Thank you everyone. WolfBrew is a great gathering spot. They always welcome us enthusiastically and we always enjoy gathering there. They are also a great community business that is dedicated to waste-reduction.

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Althea takes the lead on the Use Food Scrap Essay Contest Results Project

In March, we shared the essays submitted in our Use Food Scraps essay contest with the community. We received dozens of ideas from nineteen essays. Althea has stepped up to take the lead on creating a poster and e-book from the essay entries! At our gathering this past week, she explained some of the details and goals of the project. She will be reading and analyzing each entry and bringing the suggestions together in a format that will help us share throughout our community! I am super-excited to see it come together. Thanks so much Althea!

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New Business Directory

Our new website continues to grow and the most recent item is our zero-waste business directory. We list local businesses who have made moves towards zero-waste. It is always growing and we are grateful to the businesses who share their news with us to share with our readership. Please let us know if you know of a local business who is working to eliminate waste in our community.

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