Sharing Coop Steering Committee Minutes of 22Aug2019

We had a productive meeting this past Thursday evening at Oskar Blues. Sue, Kathleen and Owen, we missed y'all there. I have attached the document that we used as a basis for discussion. (Moving to Conservers Cooperative Discussion) To all: please review the the information below and let me/all know of any corrections: We discussed the 3 questions on our discussion sheet and they are summarized as follows: 1. What is the need that the Cooperative will meet? Summary: We will build community by loaning tools and other items so that members will not have to purchase when needed. 2. What products or services will the Cooperative provide? Summary: Tools, Dishes/Event Items, Sporting Goods and Party Items. 3. Is it feasible? A: Who would be the potential members? How many potential members are there? Summary: A: Membership would be open to anyone in our community. B: We made a conservative estimate that about 200 people would be initial members (there are about that number on the Moving to [...]

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Use Food Scraps Poster Project Receives $100 Donation for Printing

At our August 15, 2019 gathering at WolfBrew Bottle Shop, we had a fantastic discussion.  Several members spoke on work they are doing in the community to promote zero-waste practices, especially through the groups they belong to.  It was impressive to hear how many groups have set a goal to move to zero-waste! We spoke about the poster that is under development, that will bring together the suggestions we received through the Use Food Scraps essay contest.  One of the folks in attendance asked if we needed funds to print the poster.  I replied that we did.  By the end of the meeting, we were in possession of a $100 check!  How about that. Many thanks to the donor! Many thanks to all who are working to move our community to a zero-waste community.  It is amazing the changes a small group of people are implementing!

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The Gift of Time Pop-up Coffee House exploring partnership with the Empathy Project

For the past 2 years we have hosted a gathering spot in downtown Brevard so that people could spend time together in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a loving gathering focused on the gift of spending time together. This year, we are partnering with others to help plan this gathering We will add details as they are developed. How exciting.  If you are interested in being a part of the planning, please let us know.  You can email us at [email protected].  

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Every Tray Counts – Diverting school food scraps from the landfill

During our essay contest awards gathering, a young girl stood in front of us while Kenn Webb, the Transylvania County Solid Waste Director, read her essay.  She was a bit shy so Kenn shared her thoughts with us.  She wrote of how her family use to pick up food scraps from the local schools to feed his livestock and suggested this program be brought back.  What a great idea. We are currently compiling the ideas provided through the essay contest into a poster and E-book.  After that, we will go through the suggestions and research their implementation. One of our members recently shared with me a group that works in NC schools to divert food scraps from the landfill (thank you Mark).  The group is called Every Tray Counts and you can find their website here: It looks like they are doing wonderful things and I am excited to put similar practices into action in our community.

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Kathleen Hannigan sent this note to us to share.  Can you help?

My rent is going up again but my wages are not.  So I am putting it out to the community that I need a roommate in my small condo Or a place to live. It can be rustic. Just not the going market value here in Brevard. Thanks! Send us an email at [email protected] if you would like to connect with Kathleen!  Thank you.

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Rooster Head Plantation asked for help. We helped.

Last week, Jacqui of Rooster Head Plantation asked if we could help with their community compost drop-off facility.  "Sure" I said, "how can we help?"  She told us some of the issues she was facing and we recommended signage and some gates to keep the compost in the bin, especially when the chickens work to mix it up. After enjoying a wonderful dinner, we headed to the compost drop-off site and got to work. James prepared to hang more signs James brought wood painted and ready to make signs and some giant markers.  He also brought a drill and screws. We asked who had good hand writing and Justin stepped up and grabbed a marker and got to work making signs to help guide contributors to add wood chips to their donation. Su and Ed got to work turning the compost and soon a chicken joined in and started scratching around the pile. We had the site fixed-up in no time and Jacqui took some [...]

It is nice to share. Creating a sharing cooperative in our community.

Love sweet love, It is what the world needs now. Taking in the national news usually leaves me feeling less than hopeful. “They” keep talking about deep divisions in our communities. When I am in our community, I feel love and support and hope. When we gather and share a meal, leave no waste or clean up for our host, as an act of kindness, I feel love and unity. Sharing a meal with a community member is a bonding experience. The food that is presented by those attending is delicious and you can feel the love that went into providing it for our shared dining table. Each person brings their own place setting and it is always a joy for me to see the diversity our community table is set with. It is art, fluid community art. Last week, as someone was setting their place at the table, another member told me that was the dish pattern they grew up with. We both smiled. What a nice [...]

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