Transylvania Shares cooperative now has a board of directors and then some…

Many thanks to Ed for guiding us through the creation of our sharing coop.  Here are Ed's notes from the September 19, 2019 meeting.  How exciting! Hello All, We had another productive meeting last evening at Oskar Blues on the Business Plan for the sharing cooperative. Here is a summary of what we resolved and the action items. Name of the Organization: The name of the organization will be 'Transylvania Shares'. (kudos to John for coming up with this clever name) Transylvania Shares Mission: A Community Resource sharing stuff to reduce consumption. Transylvania Shares' Principles: Zero Waste One Person-One Vote Living Wage for Employees Serve Transylvania Residents No loans for unlawful activities Items for Loan will be Clean and Serviceable Items for Loan will be well maintained Transylvania Shares' Vision: Transylvania Shares will be a self-sustaining entity, both organizationally and financially, as defined by the membership. Incorporators/Initial Board of Directors: The members of the Coop Steering Committee will serve as the incorporators and on the initial Board of [...]

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Waste Less. Save More. Poster Unveiled!

Thank you everyone who shared their ideas in our Use Food Scraps Essay Contest.  Thanks to Althea for analyzing the essays (she said she teared up when reading them) and creating this fantastic poster AND presenting it to the Transylvania Natural Resource Council today.  Thanks to Jinx for funding the printing!  What an amazing community we have and how awesome it is when we come together and share our love.

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Sharing club draft mission statment developed

James, Kathleen, Susan, John and I enjoyed a gathering of beer and pizza at the Cedar Mountain Canteen while coming up with a draft mission statement for our sharing cooperative.  We started by each person being asked to write down a few words on scraps of paper that describe things they are passionate about when creating a new business in our community.  We took those scraps of passionate words and arranged them on the table and came up with a draft mission statement: Providing an equitable community resource by sharing stuff with neighbors to reduce consumption. We will continue our business planning on September 18th.  All are welcome.  You can see details here:

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Use Food Scraps Poster Unveil is this Friday at the TNRC meeting!

In March, we hosted the Use Food Scraps symposium.  A part of the event was an essay contest where members of our community gave suggestions for keeping food out of our landfill.  Those suggestions have been used to create a community poster!  We received a $100 donation to print the posters and the poster will be unveiled during our presentation to the Transylvania Natural Resource Council this Friday. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible and to Thea for using her skills to analyze these essays and bring them together as a community asset!

Our gathering at Cup and Saucer was exciting!

What a fantastic gathering at Cup and Saucer September 5th!  Thanks to Gail for organizing our visit with them and thanks to Gail for purchasing a sampling of goodies for us to try.  I know I am sold after trying their food. We enjoyed meeting Elisabeth, one of the owners.  She explained all they do to reduce their waste and asked for input from us.  We shared a few ideas and a joint event may be in the works!  Pretty excited about it.  We will announce more as it develops. Elisabeth shared they use Rooster Head Plantation's compost drop off for their food waste!  Woo hoo!  A few of us stepped up to take some of their compost.  John and I are always looking for food scraps and coffee grounds to help with our soil production. Many thanks to all who made this possible and who shared the gift of community.  It makes our world a better place.

A beautiful way to start the day, swapping sharing stuff with smiles, laughter and joy!

This morning, we had the honor of chauffeuring a dear friend to Asheville for an appointment.  We also had the good fortune of delivering dishes and supplies to Su for a Thursday event.  Julia had some of our supplies from an event she hosted this weekend so she also met us to do an exchange. What a wonderful way to start the day, with hugs, joy, and sharing.  I have read many times how becoming a zero-waste community builds community.  We experience it all the time and I love it! Thanks to those in our community who are a part of a movement to conserving.  What a loving joy it brings.

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