Brevard Bottles are available Saturday!

Brevard Bottles: Available on Saturday! Cost: $32 Locally made with earth-friendly ceramic Bottles hold between 12 - 16 ounces Wide mouth for easy cleaning Cork stopper 24 bottles originally available (some are reserved) 4 different art scenes available - Blue Ridge (shown) - White Squirrel - Bicycle - Brevard Bear A variety of glazes per art scene Available at Mud Dabbers Thank you Will and Mud Dabbers for working with us!

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Ready to support our sharing cooperative Transylvania Shares? We could use your pledge for membership.

Transylvania Shares, our tool, gear, housewares sharing cooperative is on schedule to open January 2020. We need $6600 in pledges to open our doors. To date, we have $4450 pledged! We are almost there. Thank you to those who have pledged their support. Can you pledge to join? A membership is a minimum of $30 and we are asking folks to consider contributing more for their initial membership to help us get the business off the ground. We will be issuing memberships in January and will be collecting funds at that time. For now, we need your pledge! Ready to help grow a local sharing community and reduce the waste we create? Click here and pledge your membership. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!  

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Cup and Saucer’s new napkins from grandma’s fabric collection

On November 14th we partnered with Cup and Saucer for a napkin making party and zero-waste potluck. Cup and Saucer is committed to waste reduction and we are committed to helping them. We had a blast. I learned a few things from Deb. She brought two sewing machines and lots of knowledge. Elda brought her machine as well and all worked diligently to help us create a supply of napkins for Cup and Saucer, made from fabric, Elisabeth, one of the owners, had received as a gift from her grandmother. They currently use paper napkins and wanted to move to a reusable solution. The event included a potluck dinner and when Nancy and Ed arrived for the dinner, Nancy said that this was a newspaper worthy event. Indeed it was. We met some folks who came in to see what was going on and they have joined our mailing list. Welcome and thanks for bringing your smiles and curiosity. Susan and Elizabeth brought their ironing boards and [...]

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Help wanted: Interested in helping local schools reduce their waste?

We received this request for help. Please let Lauren know if you are interested in helping. Thanks, Lauren for reaching out and helping our community move to zero-waste! Lauren Agrella-Sevilla <[email protected]> Hi John and Kim, Thank you so much for leading the way for Moving to Conservers! There is so much good going on! I'm really excited about it. We have two small children and evening gatherings are hard for us to make, so we have yet to make a potluck, but I am following with interest all of the work you're doing. Thank you! As a former high school teacher and administrator, I am very interested in the ways we can work with our schools to reduce waste. I met several weeks ago with the head of food and nutrition at the Transylvania County Schools to begin to understand why so many single-use cafeteria trays are being used at all of our county schools (I noticed this visiting our first-grader at Brevard Elementary School). She is pretty [...]

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Transylvania Shares, a community cooperative promoting reuse and sharing. We need your membership.

Carbon taxes are talked about a lot when people are brainstorming ways to reduce their footprint. I was actually in Canada many years ago on the first day they started charging a carbon tax at the gas pump. I didn't completely understand the concept at the time but I did know it was a big deal. It was interesting to be there during that time. Moving to Conservers has been working for the past two years to build community and support each other as we learn new ways to live with less impact. Through study, conversation and local action, many of us have made personal changes and also helped groups we are connected to make similar changes. One of our biggest undertakings was helping Motown Memories, a 200-plate dinner fundraiser for Rise and Shine, move to zero-waste. It was an amazing event and it started a lot of requests from folks to use the dishes we had acquired. Matter of fact, since that event in March, we have [...]

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A gathering and brainstorming at Davidson River School

On November 7, 2019, a dozen or so of us enjoyed a potluck dinner with Barbara Grimm, principal of Davidson River School, at the school. Barb worked with us on our Use Food Scraps Symposium in March and recently reached out and asked us to visit the school to help them find ways to reduce their waste. What a beautiful school. There were definitely some conversations about how nice it is. As always, we enjoyed a wonderful meal. As always, we brought our own non-disposable place settings and left no clean-up for our host. We enjoyed listening to Barb as she explained the climate change curriculum the school was teaching in December. She asked us for help and ideas for next steps towards waste reduction. Our members were full of great ideas. The school recently received a grant for a greenhouse and we discussed ways they could divert their food scraps to a compost facility, we could help them construct. We have done a few in the community [...]

Sylvan Sport potluck was fantastic. We had a breakthrough…

Thanks to Sylvan Sport for hosting us for a potluck.  We took a great tour and enjoyed learning about this local manufacturer and their commitment to waste reduction.  Thanks to Kenn Webb, the Solid Waste Director and Jan Foster of Waste Reduction Partners and Tom and Patrick of Sylvan Sport, a solution was created and implemented almost immediately for one of Sylvan Sports diversion needs.  That is super-fantastic.  Thanks to everyone who joined us and thanks to all who made it possible to keep more our of our landfill.  Woo hoo!

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Got Pumpkins? Rooster Head Plantation wants them

Pigs love pumpkins I am told.  Rooster Head Plantation is accepting pumpkin donations because their pigs love them.  They have set up a drop-off bin by their compost bin.  Please drop off your tasty pumpkins!   You can see details of their drop off spot here:  Thanks so much!

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Transylvania Shares Coop planning is moving along!

Transylvania Shares is moving along swiftly, thanks to Ed’s guidance. Thank you Ed! There is a lot to plan before opening our Sharing cooperative and we are getting close. We are very excited.  Interested in getting involved?  Let us know.  WE would love your help.

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