Want to move to zero-waste? Try joining a sharing club

Sharing clubs help folks share stuff which reduces consumption and builds community.  We have our own sharing club in Transylvania county known as Transylvania Shares.  You can find out more by visiting their website at TransylvaniaShares.com.

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Want to join Transylvania Shares?

Interested in joining our local sharing club, Transylvania Shares?  You can apply online or you can download the membership form and deliver it. You can download the form here:  Membership Agreement and Borrowing Rules You can apply online by going here:  https://transylvania-shares.square.site/ You can visit their website here:  https://transylvaniashares.myturn.com/library/ We look forward to hearing from you.  Questions?  Email TransylvaniaShares@gmail.com   Membership details Who can join the Coop? Any resident of Transylvania County, upon making an application. People who are not in Transylvania County may join upon making application and being approved by a vote of the Board. How do you join? You can submit an application online by going to https://transylvaniashares.myturn.com/library/createUser/create?requestedFormat= You can also print an application form and submit it. https://movingtoconservers.com/want-to-join-transylvania-shares/ What are the membership fees? $30.00 for a year’s membership. However, members are encouraged to contribute a higher amount if possible. However, no matter how much money is contributed, each member will have one vote (one member = one vote; this holds for organizations and families [...]

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You are welcome to join our potlucks even if you don’t bring food or your own place setting.

At a recent gathering we talked about ways to make our events more family-friendly. Several ideas were shared and we also heard that some folks don’t attend because they don’t have a dish to share. Work and other obligations can make it difficult for folks to prepare a dish to share, especially on a weeknight. We always offer help to community members in our newsletter and what better way to help a neighbor than to feed them and share a meal together? Please feel free to join us even if you don’t have food to share or your own non-disposable place setting. We always have an abundance of delicious food and extra place settings. We would love to share a meal with you and enjoy your company. All are welcome.

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Transylvania Shares opens Thursday!

Join us this Thursday for a zero-waste potluck and to celebrate the soft opening of Transylvania Shares! After months of planning, rolling up our sleeves and cleaning and stocking our new fantastic location, it is time for us to start sharing! How exciting!!! Thanks to everyone who pledged and help us make this a possibility! We are located at 10771 Greenville Highway, Cedar Mountain in the Cedar Mountain Canteen.  We will be gathering at 6 pm! If able, please bring a dish to share and your own non-disposable place setting and beverage glass. All are welcome to join us and dine with us even if you don’t have a dish to share. We’ve got you covered. We are looking forward to celebrating the creation of a new business in our community that helps reduce consumption and our impact on the environment. What a super fantastic community we live in!

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Families going zero-waste: It takes a village? Please take our short survey

During our January First Thursday Moving to Zero-waste education gathering, the topic of making our education series family-friendly came up. Wes mentioned he knew of some families who wanted to attend but were concerned their children may make it difficult for the attendees to concentrate. We also heard about other obstacles that may inhibit families from joining us in fellowship as we support each other in our accomplishments towards moving our community to a zero-waste. Here is a shortlist of barriers I heard: Lack of child care or activities that would educate young children Preparing a dish to share can be difficult for many Bringing their own place-settings can be a challenge for some Start and end times ( 6 – 8 pm) make it difficult for families with young children to participate. I have also heard from parents that it is difficult to embrace zero-waste with such a busy life of work, school, and children. I have heard that from my own daughter. Being retired gives John [...]

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John and I ordered a new solar system.

John and I installed a solar panel on our storage house this past year. We charge batteries and other items on the system. We decided to take the jump and order a system that would move our home off the grid. It has arrived. We have been buying from Backwoods Solar and with their technical assistance, we were able to put together a system that should meet our needs. We will be installing it soon and are looking forward to knowing our power is coming from the sun. We will be having a few work party days when we get to the point of installing. Interested in learning and being a part of it? Let us know. We can fire up our wood-fired pizza oven and make a party of it.

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Interested in joining our bulk buying group?

When folks ask us how we can only have 1 bag of trash a year, many specifically ask about food packaging. It makes up a lot of the bulk of folk’s waste. Buying in bulk has eliminated an immense amount of waste in our household, especially when we can use our own containers. We have used our own jars at the Hendersonville Coop and at Food Matters in Brevard. We usually get a better price on products by buying in bulk. Buying local is another important way to reduce your waste. I decided to try to see if our local market, in Cedar Mountain, Whistlestop, could help me reduce my travel and provide me with bulk food items. I contacted them and asked if they could get me a 25-pound bag of dried, organic garbanzo beans. They could and beat the price per pound of my traditional shopping markets so I ordered them. Just by word of mouth I have sold almost all of the beans for the [...]

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Help needed: Need a couch?

We received this request for help and wanted to share: I have a very comfortable but peeling full-size sofa that needs a home if I am to keep it out of the landfill. I bought it used from the Restore in town a couple of years ago, thinking it was real leather, but it is not. I got a newer used couch this fall, and no longer have room for the peeling sofa. I've had it posted for free on craigslist for a few months, and also listed it in the paper for free for a couple of months too. No takers. I don't want to send it to the landfill, but need the space in my basement for something else, so it has to go within the next couple of weeks one way or another. Do you know of anyone who might like a cosmetically challenged sofa for a porch or garage? Could you put this offering out to the group to see if anyone might want [...]

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January’s theme is Sharing: A great way to build community and reduce consumption.

This year, Moving to Conservers is hosting a series of classes on moving to zero-waste. The classes are held the first Thursday of every month. Each month has a theme and this month’s theme is Sharing. We picked this theme for January to coincide with the opening of the new sharing club Transylvania Shares! Transylvania Shares will have a soft-opening on January 16th and we are hosting our potluck at Cedar Mountain Canteen to celebrate. The Shares’ inventory is there and we will be pitching in and helping them with some volunteer labor. We will be hosting our next potluck there on January 9th to pitch in as well. Please join us. We had a wonderful educational class and potluck January 2nd where James, a board member for Transylvania Shares, led a discussion on the club. There were a lot of questions and suggestions and a small display of some of the items the club intends to make available. Here is a list of a few of the [...]

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