Join us for a conference call this Thursday at 6 pm. Looking forward to it!

We sure do miss seeing everyone and sharing a meal together.  There is no doubt our stress level is significantly reduced right now because of the changes we have made in our lives because of the help and support of Moving to Conservers.  We are grateful for our loving community. This current situation is the type Moving to Conservers has been preparing for.  Our focus has been on moving our community to a more sustainable one, especially when it comes to producing our own food.  By promoting a zero-waste community we have learned so many different ways to live that have significantly reduced our waste and increased our resilience. Moving to one bag of trash a year came with small and big changes.  It is amazing how we live our lives now, how we eat, and how we examine every bit of "waste" before committing it to the "trash". We have learned that there is no such thing as disposable.  It usually goes somewhere else and usually impacts [...]

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Interested in gathering on a conference call?

We sure do miss sharing meals with each other.  John and I do not have internet service at home but we do have a landline.  We visit a local hot spot in order to access email and the internet.  We would love to touch base via a conference call if folks are interested.  Let us know by completing this one question survey.  If there is interest, we will set up a call.  Hope to hear from you!

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Celebrate Earth Day by making a commitment to keep food out of the landfill. Go team!

Happy Earth Day!  I hope everyone is finding a way to celebrate Earth Day.  This is certainly different than the Earth Day we had planned.  Our phone has been ringing a lot and we are excited by the energy in our community to care for each other. We have also heard the dire projections of hunger that may be in the world's future.  What can one person do?  Here is a suggestion.  Use your food scraps to help grow more food locally.  It is a great start and can have a huge impact.  It is estimated 25 - 40 percent of our landfill is food.  Imagine if we diverted that food locally to feed livestock and make soil so that we can grow more food for our community. If you can start a compost bin in your own space, that is great.  Need help?  Let us know by giving us a call at 828-966-5367. Don't have space to create your own?  There are drop off stations in our [...]

Let’s teach little ones about composting with Althea!

I am receiving so much love and joy from Conservers.  I recently received this wonderful YouTube video on composting from Althea from Pisgah Collective.   It may be a great lesson for those learning at home.  Thanks, Althea for sharing!  I loved the opening song.  What a wonderful joyful gift.  Love you Althea. Here is what she sent. Good morning everyone! The attached video starts with a morning song slideshow and is followed by a compost lesson. I hope the kiddos enjoy! This one is also available on our YouTube channel to share:

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Hunger Coalition Food Distribution

Gail Kinard is a member of the Hunger Coalition and sent this information to share.  Please spread the word: We will be distributing food boxes at the Champion Park parking lot in Rosman on Thursday at 2:00pm.  It will be a drive-thru distribution so no one will be getting out of their car.  The box will contain produce and staples. The following week, on Thursday, April 16th, the food distribution will be at Brevard Community Church at 3:00pm.  We have tentatively planned for this location and time to be ongoing, but I will confirm later in the month. Please let everyone know that this is open to the public for anyone in need, and we would appreciate if they would help us spread the word.  The information is also available on the Hunger Coalition's facebook page. At this time we do not need to solicit donations as we have several grants that should carry us through for the next several months.  I will certainly let you know if this changes.

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Online classes from NCSU on fermenting and making things you may not be able to find in the store right now.

Susan Sunflower sent this our way to share.  We have learned a few of these tricks thanks to Noel! (shown above).  She has given us many classes on fermenting and I for one have started fermenting as a result.  Thanks Susan for passing this on. Having problems finding yeast at the store to make bread? Have you thought that this might be a good time to learn how to make cheese? Check out this upcoming webinar series all about fementology! Appropriate for the home cook / wildlife explorer / high school student. I am just sharing this information... please visit the web site for more information and to find contact info for questions. Sessions begin April 16. ~~~~~~~ The seminars will be online and will be recorded. The first one also happens to launch our new sourdough project. Take a look. We have bakers, cheesemakers, archaeologists, evolutionary biologists, chemists, paleontologists and more, all talking about the wildlife in your kitchen. [] These will be intelligible for a [...]

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What if PPE (personal protective gear) was reusable instead of disposable?

What if PPE (personal protective gear) was reusable instead of disposable?  When I was in the Air Force, we were issued personal protective gear that was reusable.  It was assigned to us.  We were responsible for its care and maintenance.  It kept us alive.  What if medical folks had the same set-up?  Would we have the shortages we have today?  Maybe a zero-waste society is the safest?  Something to think about.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Please let us know if you need anything. Love.

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