A conversation about plant-based locally prepared meals

We have asked over the past couple of newsletters if folks are interested in having a conversation about creating locally prepared plant-based meals. A lot of folks have completed our little survey and we will be scheduling a conversation soon.  We plan to wait until after the elections to organize the conversation. Thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts.  There is still time if you want to contribute.  Visit our survey and let us know what you think:  https://movingtoconservers.com/there-is-definitely-an-interest-in-our-community-for-prepared-plant-based-meals/  

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Cedar Mountain Canteen will be using glassware from Transylvania Shares

Since purchasing the Cedar Mountain Canteen with Greg and Stephanie Thomas, we have been busy getting ready to open in November.  We are making a lot of changes.  We are focused on being a zero-waste business and that means we will be serving in real glasses.  Instead of purchasing an inventory of glassware, we have decided to borrow glassware from Transylvania Shares!  We attended their board meeting last week and made our pitch and it was approved unanimously.  How about that!  Transylvania Shares helping a new business get off the ground while practicing reuse and sharing! Installing a commercial kitchen In order to wash dishes on-site, we are required to have a health department and DEQ approved facility.  We have gotten all our approvals from DEQ and now we are working with the health department to install a commercial kitchen.  It will take us some time to get everything installed which means we will not be opening with real glassware.  This is a short term solution and we [...]

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Vegan Learning Library

Hello Moving to Conservers! As somebody dedicated to cultivating sustainability, I can say that I am massively impressed by this group. My favorite definition of sustainability is “the possibility that human and other life will flourish on the planet forever” (-Dr. John Ehrenfeld). I find that definition both aspirational and beautiful, and so it guides my work to make this world a better place. Moving to Conservers is working diligently to cultivate flourishing for all life on this planet, and I’m happy to be a part of the team. I’m particularly honored and excited to participate in the Eating Consciously project. My master’s thesis explored the intersections between veganism and sustainability. I advocate for veganism as both a fundamental social justice philosophy as part of a total liberation framework, and as one of the most powerful things we can do to help the environment. I truly believe that one of the primary ways to cultivate flourishing for all life is to adopt veganism at an individual and collective [...]

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How would you re-purpose campaign signs? We are about to get a bunch. Help us find new uses for them!

Soon the elections will be over and all the campaign materials will go where?  A couple of political parties in Transylvania county are interested in keeping their signs out of the landfill and we have offered to help. I ran for office in 2012 and served for 4 years.  I decided not to seek another term so my stored campaign signs needed to find a new purpose.  They have since helped prop up bean crops, provided backing for a bench a friend made, and been turned around and used for new signs.  They are still with us and going strong. We need help collecting signs and finding new homes and uses for them.  Have thoughts and ideas?  Please share them.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Every Tray Counts (ETC) is seeking a new Executive Director. They work to move schools towards zero-waste

We took this ad from:  http://www.everytraycounts.org/jobs/ Thanks to Susan Sunflower for sharing this. ARE YOU AN ADVOCATE FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS, THE ENVIRONMENT, AND THE FUTURE? Every Tray Counts (ETC) is seeking a new Executive Director. The executive director will be responsible for coordinating and collaborating with local environmental advocates and school partners to help guide North Carolina school districts in their progress toward more sustainably managed schools. Every Tray Counts (ETC) is a small North Carolina non-profit that works with children, parents and communities to promote responsible purchasing and waste diversion practices in North Carolina schools. We do this by replacing lunchroom polystyrene trays with a sustainable alternative, and by diverting lunchroom compostable materials away from landfills. Even in these changing and challenging times, Every Tray Counts knows that North Carolina schools must keep their focus on improving the quality of education and sustainability goals. ETC stays current on environmental issues which affect schools regarding lunchroom practices, environmental education opportunities in the classroom, and overuse of single-use plastics. [...]

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Rooster Head Farms wants your pumpkins

It is that time of year again.  Fall harvests bring pumpkins and Halloween brings them to many homes to brighten our community.  Rooster Head Farms wants your pumpkins.  They will have a bin at the farm for folks to "chuck their pumpkins".  Pigs love pumpkins and they are looking forward to seeing you bring them by! For more information, contact Rooster Head Farms here: Rooster Head Farm1200 Old Hendersonville Hwy Brevard NC 28712 (828) 702-9929

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TRASH: Economic Asset, right here in T County!

Just sent to  the Transylvania County Commissioners. If you like this idea, please send them a letter of support. Even better, send them YOUR ideas of how to use trash as an economic asset! "In September, Kenn Webb, our Waste Management Director,  gave an excellent presentation on our landfill options in Transylvania County. In case there is no public hearing, I am sharing this with now. October 2020 - T County Commissioners - ECONOMIC USES OF TRASH The question is asked … shall Transylvania county handle our trash here at home, or send it ‘away’. Best response? Manage trash here, as the basic economic resource it is. You say maybe not? Look at the wretched example of the US when China declined to take more of our garbage … we had no plan, no structure, no goals to deal with neither result nor cause. We, here and now, have a chance to make a significant step forward in economics, environmental support and creativity!. IDEAS: POLICIES & PRACTICES: T [...]

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