It is amazing.  It was so simple and has made such a difference.  After George Floyd was murdered John and I painted a sheet and hung it from our garage.  We had to do something.  We never expected what happened as a result of that sign.  I don’t know why we didn’t.  I always cringe when I know my black family members are coming for a visit because of the confederate flags they are going to pass to get to our home.

Why had we never hung a sign of support for black lives, and our LGBTQ family and friends?  I can tell you, we will always hang flags of support from now on.  Our home has changed.  Our world has broadened and the number of diverse faces in our yard and around our home has become visible.  Almost daily, a vehicle slows, a smiling face reveals itself and a hand waves.  It brings me to tears of sincere joy and gratitude.

Last week a car of young adults pulled over and the beautiful soul in the picture hopped out and tentively asked one of his friends to join him.  He wanted to take a picture in front of our sign.  We encouraged him and asked if we could take his picture too.  He said, “I am a grandson too!”

What a joyful, simple moment.

Thank you for bringing such joy and love to our world.  You are always welcome and from now on, you will know that.