Interested in eating more plants? Here are some resources!

Hello friends, my name is Shane Bragg and I am the owner of Green Go Cleaning Co ( here in Brevard NC. I am so honored to be able to reach out thought this community and offer some resources in incorporating more veggies into your life! I would like to hear from you directly, what is a vegetable you want to learn more about? What is something you have wanted to try but are afraid to explore cooking it? Do you want more raw recipes as we approach the heat of summer or do you want cooked meals? Do you want to hear about sauces, full meals, recipes and website or books? How can I assist you? Send me an email, text or call and give me something to write about. In the mean time here are my favorite things to keep at home, a great book that even includes work outs and a favorite website to explore:   Nutritional yeast (most health stores carry this in bulk [...]