Moving to Conservers is a local group that explores ways to implement changes we want to see in our community.  Currently, we are working on implementing a community compost program with a goal of removing organics from the landfill so we can put them to work creating soil for local gardening projects.

We kicked off the project February 1st and are moving full speed ahead.  It was agreed we would organize using community advocates who will reach out to their neighbors and design solutions.  In order to organize that, we need to develop a toolkit to be used by these neighbors.  So we are.

We have asked people to answer this question:  What do you want in hand when you knock on your neighbor’s door or host a house party?

Members have started responded.  As we collect the information, I will add it here.  We have asked for all input by February 8th.  Please feel free to share your thoughts.  Once we have our initial list, we will start to work it into our toolkit!  Go team!  Woo woo!

Toolkit suggestions:

  1. An outline of a plan of how the program works
  2. Information on who will pick up, how often, where will we take it, and at what cost, if there is a waiver for poverty homes, how to sign up.
  3. Educational material such as:  Is it Better to Grow Tax Payer Landfills, or Grow Food?, and ask them to watch the Compost Peddler’s video
  4. Give this initiative a name, such as Transylvania Green, and have one of our artistic Conservers design a logo, and advertise by giving ‘early adopter members’ a sticker for their car and/or recycle bucket.
  5. 2 flyers. One on composting in general (on online) & one on curbside composting initiative.  For the curbside awareness & sign up flyer:
    • name for conservation initiative (and later a visual logo)
    • 3 facts on environmental impact & benefits of composting
    • 1 fact on financial benefit of composting v landfill — impact on taxes, not having to buy private land or repurpose public lands for landfill
    • local composting savant available for phone & on-site consultation
    • short list of what is compostable material and what is not
    • link to Brevard/Translyvania website for more information on composting, impact, resources, community events, what if compost pick up doesn’t happen who to call, how to get composting containers (acceptable containers), how clean containers, how to get more involved in local conservation efforts.   This website is useful to me, but then I am in the city and speak English.
    • flyer available in different languages and also very simple language. the how-to below for bare earth could be distilled further.

Update March 9, 2018

Members took the following assignments.  Their updates are provided.

At our meeting last night several folks stepped up to find stuff out so we can move forward with our directory.  Here is a summary of what we are working on.
  1. Elizabeth volunteered to find out information on a pig farm she has heard about that picks up organics. Complete
    • My homework was to speak with the director of Bread for Life about their reported exchange of sharing food waste with a pig farm.
      Here is what I learned from the director Michael:
      The arrangement for food waste to pig farmer is not actually a farm but a family who makes an annual donation of one pig to Bread for Life.
      This family annually raises one pig for each member of their family plus the one pig for BFL.
      They pick up a scrap bucket about once a week or less often.
      BFL also gives their food waste to a couple of chicken farmers.
      Michael recommends that our compost initiative not be Brevard-centric and reach out to farmers and county residents.
      He said Brad Renner could be helpful in contacting these networks:
      • Brevard Chickens Facebook page
        • Small Farmer’s Association
        • Future Farmer’s of America (may be the large county association)
        • Rosman High School farmer’s program
        • Brevard College farmer’s program
        • Cattleman’s Association (who may know pig farmers)
  2. Susan Sunflower volunteered to look for places that would accept compost from the public in the Rosman and the surrounding area.Complete
  • here’s what I found out so far about compost options around Rosman:
  • Rosman garbage Truck: Mayor Brian
  • – garbage cost to landfill: cost about $30,000/yr. (plus fuel)
  • – LEACHATE (from all landfill?) to Rosman  sewer, yields $120,000 city income/yr SO NO OTHER COMPOST COLLECTION, please!
  • – backyard composting – unknown, (no rules? no chickens? they know of none)
  • – local farms? MAYBE Al Clemmons- 800 acares Hannah Ford Rd, 1st on rt, from Rosman
  • 2  Rosman HS greenhouse, farm: they compost all their own. By law, cannot have visitors other than students; nor accept animals, other compost nor give anything out except thru sales. Heather McNeely, teacher/contact
  • 3. Jared’s IGA Grocery- Works on Healthy Food with BETH HYATT (884.1752) Hunger Coalition/Healthy Communities. Waiting for a call back …
  1. Kim volunteered to contact Just Ripe Farms to get more information on their new drop-off location.  Complete.
  2. Kenn volunteered to gather and share information on the rules and laws governing compost. Working
  3. Katlyn and Ryan volunteered to check out donating their organics to Rice Street Gardens.
  4. Pauline offered to set-up a compost station at Coffee Carts.  We offered to help!  She also agreed to help us find out information on a previous compost inititiative she was aware of.  And she brought a guest from the initiative.  Welcome!
  5. John volunteered to contact Sherwood Forest community garden for information regarding a compost drop-off.
  6. We all agreed to think about what we want to include in our directory listings.
 If I forgot anything, please let me know.
The following gardens/farms have been contacted and are not available to participate in the program:
Silvermont Master Garden
Pitch Pine Farms
Eagles Nest Academy
Updated April 12, 2018
Brooke developed a brochure and it is being distributed at the Transylvania Farmers Market at the Master Gardeners tent.  It is fantastic!  Thanks Brooke.
composting brochure