Use Food Scraps Poster Unveil is this Friday at the TNRC meeting!

In March, we hosted the Use Food Scraps symposium.  A part of the event was an essay contest where members of our community gave suggestions for keeping food out of our landfill.  Those suggestions have been used to create a community poster!  We received a $100 donation to print the posters and the poster will be unveiled during our presentation to the Transylvania Natural Resource Council this Friday. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible and to Thea for using her skills to analyze these essays and bring them together as a community asset!

Fermenting carrots with Noel, a delicious meal and a great host, WolfBrew Bottle Shop

What a great gathering last Thursday! Noel once again taught us to ferment, this time with carrots, apples, ginger and such. I just love Noel’s classes. She is so passionate about fermenting and she make it so easy I leave feeling like I can do it and I have! I don’t even know where to being thanking Noel. She saw we needed funding for our new website and stepped up to give to classes to help us. We raised $145 and thanks to an additional donation from some dedicated supporters, we have covered our cost for our new website! Thank you everyone. WolfBrew is a great gathering spot. They always welcome us enthusiastically and we always enjoy gathering there. They are also a great community business that is dedicated to waste-reduction.

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Fermenting, Beer Tasting, Sharing a meal, and funding our website.

June 13th, we hosted a gathering at WolfBrew Bottle Shop.  Noel, who taught fermenting with food scraps at our Use Food Scraps Symposium, noticed we were raising money for our new website.  She contacted us and asked if she could teach fermenting classes to help us raise money.  What a nice thing to do! She taught Making Kraut on the 13th and is coming back on July 11th to teach carrot ferments at Wolf Brew.  Thank you Noel!  We raised $100 at the event.  We are half way there towards funding our new site. Noel is such a wonderful teacher.  She is so enthusiastic and knows the topic well.  Her husband educated us on some of the science and I learned a lot.  I took her class in March at our Symposium and after taking this class I went home and tried making some kraut.  It is in our spring house now fermenting.  We are blessed to have a spring house, which keeps things cool as a [...]

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Join us June 13th at WolfBrew BottleShop for a zero-waste potluck and a Fermenting Class by Noel!

Join us June 13th at WolfBrew BottleShop for a zero-waste potluck and a Fermenting Class by Noel! Noel taught fermenting at the Use Food Scraps Symposium and contacted us and offered to do classes to help us raise money for our website. She is teaching Naked Kraut on June 13th and Fermenting with Carrots on July 10th. The classes are free. Donations are welcome. WolfBrew is doing free beer tasting that evening as well. Please join us. Bring a covered dish to share and a non-disposable place setting. Let’s gather together and honor Noel’s gift. Let’s enjoy each other’s company and gifts.

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Fermenting classes on June 13th and July 11th

Noel, who taught fermenting at our Use Food Scraps Symposium, saw in our newsletter we were going to pass the hat to fund our new website, She contacted us and offered to teach some fermenting classes as a fundraiser. Thank you Noel! The classes will take place during our potluck gatherings. Her first class will be on June 13th and the second will be on July 11th. Here are the details: June 13th:  Making Naked Kraut From Noel: We’ll make 4 krauts: naked, caraway, apple/carrot and a beet/ginger. If I can borrow you and 2 others to assist [I bet I can snag Rachel as well] we can make it a fun group gig. For my donation to the pot luck I’ll bring a jar of each of the 4 krauts so folks can taste what they are about to see demoed. July 11th:  Carrot fermenting In time for the harvest.  Join us and learn tasty carrot fermentation techniques. Please join us and thank Noel for her [...]

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