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Let’s teach little ones about composting with Althea!

I am receiving so much love and joy from Conservers.  I recently received this wonderful YouTube video on composting from Althea from Pisgah Collective.   It may be a great lesson for those learning at home.  Thanks, Althea for sharing!  I loved the opening song.  What a wonderful joyful gift.  Love you Althea. Here is what she sent. Good morning everyone! The attached video starts with a morning song slideshow and is followed by a compost lesson. I hope the kiddos enjoy! This one is also available on our YouTube channel to share:

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Hunger Coalition Food Distribution

Gail Kinard is a member of the Hunger Coalition and sent this information to share.  Please spread the word: We will be distributing food boxes at the Champion Park parking lot in Rosman on Thursday at 2:00pm.  It will be a drive-thru distribution so no one will be getting out of their car.  The box will contain produce and staples. The following week, on Thursday, April 16th, the food distribution will be at Brevard Community Church at 3:00pm.  We have tentatively planned for this location and time to be ongoing, but I will confirm later in the month. Please let everyone know that this is open to the public for anyone in need, and we would appreciate if they would help us spread the word.  The information is also available on the Hunger Coalition's facebook page. At this time we do not need to solicit donations as we have several grants that should carry us through for the next several months.  I will certainly let you know if this changes.

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Rooster Head Plantation needs help feeding children

Rooster Head Plantation has long been a community partner of our zero-waste efforts.  They house a community compost drop off facility and have hosted our educational gatherings, among many other ways they support the community.  They are a true community partner and we love them.  They have been feeding neighborhood children since schools closed.  I called Jacqui and asked her what she needed and she said to put it bluntly, money.  She has served over 400 meals and the numbers keep growing as the word gets out. We are putting out a call to our community to help.  We were able to send money to Jacqui via the CashApp at her handle $JacquelineEdens.  You can also donate money through PayPal at  Their mail address is: Rooster Head Plantation,  184 Evergreen St,  Brevard 28712. We also talked about buying cases of fruit and veggies or any other thing that may help.  If you have items that may help, let them know. What an amazing gift to the community.  [...]

Family fun and education

With social distancing being our new normal and having our grandchildren for 7 days we have taken this opportunity to teach them a few things in between their online schooling. We worked with them as we planted potatoes, asparagus, onions, and rhubarb.  We have a trail in our yard and they have hiked and biked it and recently we took them rock climbing for the first time on a small ledge in our yard.  We live on the continental divide and it is a wondrous place.  It backs up to Mountain Bridge Wilderness and it is wild. They have learned to make homemade noodles and pizza in our wood-fired pizza oven.  It is a joy to mentor them and spend time with them. We have also spent a lot of time on the phone checking in on neighbors and family.  It is nice to have conversations instead of text and emails, which we get occasionally when we drive to wifi access. I am deeply touched by the amount [...]

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Growing soil, feeding our community family

Five years ago at this time, John and I were not cutting seed potatoes getting them ready to plant on St. Patrick's Day. We were not adding coffee grounds from the local cafe to our compost facility. We did have a small compost pile but we were not working it. Now it is a part-time job for John. Well, maybe not but my husband makes a darn good soil, something I would not have appreciated five years ago. I didn’t think much about soil. I have gardened for years but didn’t understand the value of good soil. I do now. Almost 3 years ago we started having zero-waste potlucks with 8 or so friends and studied the Post Carbon Institute’s online video course Think Resilience. It focused on life after fossil fuels. It was thought-provoking. As part of the study, the course had the group answer the question, “What do you wish you would have learned to do in school?” Almost all of us said we wanted to [...]

Family-friendly Moving to Zero-waste series announced at the Cedar Mountain Canteen

We are super excited to announce our family-friendly moving to zero-waste series with education for children provided by Pisgah Collective.  You can see the details here:

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Motown Memories is going zero-waste again and we need help

Last year, Motown Memories fundraiser went zero-waste and as a result we now have Transylvania Shares sharing club in our community.  They have asked if we will make the event zero-waste again and we said, "You bet!" We need help.  The event is April 25th from 6 - 10 pm and we have a few tasks we still need filled.  Families are welcome and encouraged.  We love teaching folks how to move to zero-waste.  Please email Kim at or call 828-966-5367 for more information.  Thanks!

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Pisgah Collective and Moving to Conservers have joined together to bring Family-friendly potlucks

We are super excited to announce we have joined with Pisgah Collective to offer family-friendly zero-waste education gatherings at the Cedar Mountain Canteen the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting in March!  We will start the evenings at 5:30 pm with a social gathering until 6 pm.  We will enjoy a zero-waste potluck from 6 - 6:30 pm.  We will supply food and place settings for families to ease the burden of preparing a dish.  If you are able to bring a covered dish to share, that would be fantastic. The education will take place from 6:30 - 7:30 pm with Pisgah Collective offering programs for children.  How wonderful!  We will be collecting donations to cover the cost of Pisgah Collective's staff and supplies.  Please let us know if you would like help. Working as a community to study together.  How fun is that!  

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Want to join Transylvania Shares?

Interested in joining our local sharing club, Transylvania Shares?  You can apply online or you can download the membership form and deliver it. You can download the form here:  Membership Agreement and Borrowing Rules You can apply online by going here: You can visit their website here: We look forward to hearing from you.  Questions?  Email   Membership details Who can join the Coop? Any resident of Transylvania County, upon making an application. People who are not in Transylvania County may join upon making application and being approved by a vote of the Board. How do you join? You can submit an application online by going to You can also print an application form and submit it. What are the membership fees? $30.00 for a year’s membership. However, members are encouraged to contribute a higher amount if possible. However, no matter how much money is contributed, each member will have one vote (one member = one vote; this holds for organizations and families [...]

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