On February 1st, individuals came to King Street 185 for a discussion on starting curbside composting in Brevard.

There was a wealth of knowledge and ideas shared in addition to a potluck.  And the food……always outstanding.  Thank you, King Street 185 for hosting the event.

We enjoyed our meals while watching this video from the show Growing A Greener World:  The Compost Pedallers.  It is a great show and worth the 25 minutes to watch in my humble opinion.


Two next steps were agreed on:
  1. Collect information on all the compost sites already in existence.  Designate those that are willing to accept compost drop-off from citizens
  2. Organize using community advocates who will reach out to their neighbors and design solutions to collect organics so they can be used to create soil.

It is exciting to see so many people come together towards making our community even more amazing.