On November 14th we partnered with Cup and Saucer for a napkin making party and zero-waste potluck. Cup and Saucer is committed to waste reduction and we are committed to helping them.

We had a blast. I learned a few things from Deb. She brought two sewing machines and lots of knowledge. Elda brought her machine as well and all worked diligently to help us create a supply of napkins for Cup and Saucer, made from fabric, Elisabeth, one of the owners, had received as a gift from her grandmother. They currently use paper napkins and wanted to move to a reusable solution.

The event included a potluck dinner and when Nancy and Ed arrived for the dinner, Nancy said that this was a newspaper worthy event. Indeed it was.

We met some folks who came in to see what was going on and they have joined our mailing list. Welcome and thanks for bringing your smiles and curiosity.

Susan and Elizabeth brought their ironing boards and irons and they were a great help. Most of us brought our desire to help and learn and we did. We were able to make 50 napkins from grandma’s fabric, a great start. Cup and Saucer will need more and we hope to have another napkin making party in 2020. I am looking forward to it.

Thanks to everyone who made this community-building event such a hoot and a special thanks to Gail for organizing the event for us with Cup and Saucer. Many thanks to Cup and Saucer for being committed to zero-waste practices and making the implementation so much fun!

You can see more pictures from the party here:  https://movingtoconservers.com/cup-and-saucers-new-napkins-from-grandmas-fabric-collection/