On Thursday, July 30th, a group of dedicated volunteers showed up to work after a downpour.  It didn’t rain a drop after we got started.  Barbara Grimm, the principle of Davidson River School had a lot of projects ready for us to tackle.

A new compost facility

Thanks to a pallet donation from Sylvan Sport, we were able to create a compost facility at the school so students can turn their food scraps into dirt.  Gabriel Covington, a student from Brevard College, helped us put the facility together.  It is so great to spend time with Gabriel.  He is always anxious to be part of a community project and he brings the energy of his youth.  Thanks Gabriel for your help!

Kathleen Hannigan, a local artist, helped us add a community art piece the facility, just as we did at Rise and Shine.  Kathleen set up a table and got busy sawing wood planks for use in the compost tree we attached to the pallets.  I laugh every time I think of her in her dress and boots sawing the wood.

Kathleen had leaves, which some of uses for stencils.  Others painted fruits and vegetables to hang on the compost tree.  We left a stack of wood and paint so that students can add their creations to the art project.

Garden Space and a wonderful retreat

Barbara and her husband created a beautiful garden for the community to enjoy and they have been.  Workers did some weeding and planting in the already stunning space, making it even more inviting.  The school also has a vegetable garden and other volunteers worked to lay down fabric and mulch to control weeds.  There are an impressive number of plants growing and yet another space in which food is grown for our community.

Thanks Barbara and all the folks who blessed us with their company and good works.  Thanks to Barbara for setting up a safe environment and welcoming us to be a part of the project.  We look forward to watching it grow :).