We received this email from Barbara Grimm, the principal at Davidson River School.  Interested in helping?  Email and let her know.

Hey everyone, since COVID, William and I have been working hard to beautify the Davidson River Campus. We have raised beds with fresh vegetables and a beautiful pollinator garden behind our picnic shed. We are also working to build a greenhouse out of recycled materials to begin growing food hydroponically. My intention is to create something beautiful and life-sustaining for our students to come back to. I am at the place where I could use a bit more help and wanted to invite anyone interested to meet at the school on Thursday, July 30th at 5:00, Rain date is Tuesday, August 4th. I still need to do some weeding , outlining beds, spreading mulch and planting new plants. We may also be at a point where we need help with the greenhouse. I promise there is enough space and areas that we don’t have to be right up next to others. Let me know if you are interested in helping out. I’ll send another email next week. Thanks so much for considering!

We reached out and asked if she needed a compost facility built and she said yes.  Sylvan Sport is donating pallets and we will pick them up and have them ready for the work that evening.  We are going to do a community art piece like we did with the Rise and Shine garden and folks will be able to paint leaves to hang over the leaf bin.  Have art supplies and time to help?  Please let us know by contacting us at jbwkjc@gmail.com or calling us at 828-966-5367.

Looking forward to creating another compost facility in our community and helping students learn!