Awhile ago, we sent out a survey and asked folks to let us know if they were interested in participating in a “think tank” house party program.  Many responded that they were interested and some even supplied their contact information.  So we gathered and continue to gather.  Currently, we are using the Post Carbon Institute’s online video course Think Resilience as the basis of our study.

You can view the first 6 videos of the course for free.

We are about to wrap up that course and are moving forward to the next step.  What will that be?  We do not know but we have a lot of ideas.  Our discussions have been focused primarily on strengthening our local economy and building our resilience.

  1. Does that mean we start a series of co-ops in Brevard?
  2. Does that mean we invest in our local economy and stop sending our money to Wall Street?
  3. Does that mean we start a lot of small businesses to help our community go zero-waste, such as a compost company?

So many ideas….

Our group is always open to new members and all are most welcome.

We want to end inequality.  Tall order we know.  We are up for the challenge.  Send us an email if you would like to join us at