What a great gathering!  We enjoyed a wonderful zero-waste, mostly plant-based potluck with lots of new faces and lots of familiar ones.  It was fantastic.  Evan shared information about the sustainability of plant-based diets.  He took questions after he wrapped up his talk and I learned a bit and enjoyed hearing the questions from others.  Many thanks to Evan and all who made it possible, a special thank you to WolfBrew Bottle shop for their continued hospitality, and thanks to the NAACP for letting us borrow their PA system.  Next month’s topic in on using food scraps and I am looking forward to the 3 presenters who have agreed to share with us.  Thanks so much!

Evan sent the following for those who are interested in learning more.  Thanks so much Evan!

Here is an excerpt from my thesis: https://medium.com/@evanparker32392/veganism-as-a-strategy-for-sustainability-f3319509d143

Here is my TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/evan_parker_veganism_as_a_strategy_for_sustainability