Noel, who taught fermenting at our Use Food Scraps Symposium, saw in our newsletter we were going to pass the hat to fund our new website, She contacted us and offered to teach some fermenting classes as a fundraiser. Thank you Noel! The classes will take place during our potluck gatherings. Her first class will be on June 13th and the second will be on July 11th.

Here are the details:

June 13th:  Making Naked Kraut

From Noel:

We’ll make 4 krauts: naked, caraway, apple/carrot and a beet/ginger. If I can borrow you and 2 others to assist [I bet I can snag Rachel as well] we can make it a fun group gig.

For my donation to the pot luck I’ll bring a jar of each of the 4 krauts so folks can taste what they are about to see demoed.

July 11th:  Carrot fermenting

In time for the harvest.  Join us and learn tasty carrot fermentation techniques.

Please join us and thank Noel for her support.