Since we have started the Eating Consciously project, I have learned that factory produced meats are not something I can support anymore.  While we do still consume some meat products in our home, mostly bone broths, we have substantially cut back.  I have to admit it was something I never thought I would do.  I didn’t feel I was getting what I needed from a plant-based diet until 2 things happened.


The first thing that had a significant impact on our home-cooked meals was learning to ferment from Noel’s classes.  We bought a few books on the topic and learned to make fermented blueberries and tomato water.  That changed everything.  It brought a depth of flavor we were missing and our bodies love the ferment!  Everything works better.

Exploring the depth of plant-based cooking

Another thing that has helped us was learning the depth of things you can do with plants.  “I never knew you could do that with flaxseed!” I told John.  It has been really fun learning how to make delicious meals from plant-based items.  Recipes shared by Shane and Kathryn, of the Eating Consciously team have significantly impacted what we cook for dinner these days.  Many thanks for their guidance as we go through this transition.

If I could get food like that, I could easily reduce my meat consumption

I was talking to a friend recently who told me of some amazing plant-based meals she enjoyed and said she would eat that way more often if her meals tasted like that.  We call Kathryn our whole foods plant-based chef on the team and I asked if she would be willing to make prepared meals in a USDA approved kitchen so that folks locally could enjoy delicious meals in their home without having to cook.  We kicked the idea around a bit and now I am asking you:  Is that something you would be interested in?

We would love to know your thoughts.  Is this a business we could support in our community?  Send your thoughts to or give us a call at 828-966-5367.  We look forward to hearing from you.