When folks ask us how we can only have 1 bag of trash a year, many specifically ask about food packaging. It makes up a lot of the bulk of folk’s waste.

Buying in bulk has eliminated an immense amount of waste in our household, especially when we can use our own containers. We have used our own jars at the Hendersonville Coop and at Food Matters in Brevard. We usually get a better price on products by buying in bulk.

Buying local is another important way to reduce your waste. I decided to try to see if our local market, in Cedar Mountain, Whistlestop, could help me reduce my travel and provide me with bulk food items. I contacted them and asked if they could get me a 25-pound bag of dried, organic garbanzo beans. They could and beat the price per pound of my traditional shopping markets so I ordered them.

Just by word of mouth I have sold almost all of the beans for the price I paid for them. I still have a few pounds left and if you would like some, please let me know. They are $2.60 a pound and I deliver them in a mason jar. A quart jar holds about 1.5 pounds.

I have a 25 lb bag of organic brown basmati rice on order. The rice costs $3.00 a pound. Let me know if you would some. You can email me at jbwkjc@gmail.com or call our home at 828-966-5367.

Yummy food

We recently enjoyed a wonderful dish made from some of the garbanzo beans at our potluck.  It was delicious!


Interested in helping us develop a bulk buying group further? Let us know. Thanks!