Sunday, ten of us met at Rooster Head Plantation with masks and gloves to pot plants to be given away at this week’s Hunger Coalition’s food distribution.  We tracked our numbers to ensure we stayed within the Governor’s guidelines for gatherings.

Thanks to donations from Gaia Herbs, Master Gardeners, Moving to Conservers members, Rooster Head Plantation and others, we were able to plant over 50 plants to be given to those who are interested in growing their own food.  We used a lot of locally-made compost to fill the pots.  How super fantastic is that!

We received an amazing assortment of herbs and vegetables.  We also received a large assortment of pots and plants to share those with folks who do not have a place to plant.

While programs like this have been done in the past, their success is limited without encouragement and follow through.  We are working on that in hopes of building relationships and expanding the amount of food grown locally.  Bart of our local extension office offered to help with follow-up.  Thanks Bart!

How are we reaching out to help folks grow their own food?

John Lawson has volunteered to put together an information card to be passed out with each plant inviting folks to contact us if they need help.  Thank you John!

John and I included a personal card with a plant we donated inviting folks to contact us for help.

Our goal is to build relationships and help folks grow more food locally using locally made compost.  Please share your food scraps with a local drop off-site.

Gail shared this Facebook post about our planting party:

Thanks to all who have made this first step possible.  What a great project!

Carol putting together herb gardens of thyme, oregeno, dill and cilantro

Sylvan potting a plant.





planting card