Rooster Head Plantation has long been a community partner of our zero-waste efforts.  They house a community compost drop off facility and have hosted our educational gatherings, among many other ways they support the community.  They are a true community partner and we love them.  They have been feeding neighborhood children since schools closed.  I called Jacqui and asked her what she needed and she said to put it bluntly, money.  She has served over 400 meals and the numbers keep growing as the word gets out.

We are putting out a call to our community to help.  We were able to send money to Jacqui via the CashApp at her handle $JacquelineEdens.  You can also donate money through PayPal at  Their mail address is: Rooster Head Plantation,  184 Evergreen St,  Brevard 28712.

We also talked about buying cases of fruit and veggies or any other thing that may help.  If you have items that may help, let them know.

What an amazing gift to the community.  Please contact Jacqui directly with any questions.  It is amazing how our community has grown over the past years of Moving to Conservers and it is heart-warming to see us continue during this time.  Please let us know if you need anything.

Much love.

Kim and John