This is a call to action!

As you know, John and I create about 1 bag of trash a year.  This is our third year accomplishing that and it has changed our life.  It has changed the way we eat, the amount of stuff we buy, and made us rethink any purchase we do make.  A lot of this was possible because we learned how to divert our food scraps from the landfill.  It reduced about 40% of our trash and others have shared they have experienced the same impact on their waste stream.

I recently received a campaign email from two county commission candidates and asked about the landfill decision.  This is what I was sent in response:

There will be a county commissioners workshop at 4pm on September 2 to receive a comprehensive report on the question of opening a new cell at the Landfill. No action will be taken that day but commissioners will have to make a decision fairly soon, probably in October.

I also received an email from the Transylvania NAACP about a county commission forum on Zoom on August 27th at 6 pm where citizens can ask questions of candidates.  You can receive a link for the meeting by going here:

We plan to join the forum and find out which candidates support sending our garbage to another community.  We encourage everyone who is interested in the issue to join the forum.  An October decision leaves us little time to share our thoughts regarding the issue.

Your voice is powerful and can make a difference.