Many thanks to Ed for guiding us through the creation of our sharing coop.  Here are Ed’s notes from the September 19, 2019 meeting.  How exciting!

Hello All,

We had another productive meeting last evening at Oskar Blues on the Business Plan for the sharing cooperative. Here is a summary of what we resolved and the action items.
Name of the Organization:
The name of the organization will be ‘Transylvania Shares‘.
(kudos to John for coming up with this clever name)
Transylvania Shares Mission:
A Community Resource sharing stuff to reduce consumption.
Transylvania Shares‘ Principles:
Zero Waste
One Person-One Vote
Living Wage for Employees
Serve Transylvania Residents
No loans for unlawful activities
Items for Loan will be Clean and Serviceable
Items for Loan will be well maintained
Transylvania Shares‘ Vision:
Transylvania Shares will be a self-sustaining entity, both organizationally and financially, as defined by the membership.
Incorporators/Initial Board of Directors:
The members of the Coop Steering Committee will serve as the incorporators and on the initial Board of Directors.
Action Items from the Meeting:
Ed Carroll to send link of NC Secretary of State’s (SosS) office for Rob Slover to reserve LLC name.
Rob Slover to reserve Transylvania Shares LLC name with NC SoS.
Kim Coram to secure domain name for Transylvania Shares.
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 2nd, at Oskar Blues. Some of us will gather for drinks at 5:30 PM and the meeting will be at 6:00 PM. We will delve further into to the Business Plan and discuss how membership and the actual Coop operations will work.
I summarized this pretty quickly, Any questions, comments or corrections to this note welcome!
Kind regards,