Al Brothers will be sharing his knowledge about Dark Sky

Al Brothers will be sharing his knowledge about Dark Sky.  Join us for a thought-provoking presentation from Al.  He describes the evening as follows: As the country rounds the corner of Covid we see new trends that point to increased traffic and development. The Village of Cedar Mountain is a tempting target for population migration. Many of the benefits of rural charm are becoming marketing points as potential residents cruise 276 and call real estate agents for listings. Cedar Mountain happens to lie smack in the middle of a population donut. Greenville to the South, Asheville to the East and Hendersonville just down the road. They are coming this way. The first signs of these cities growth is the uncontrolled reach of light pollution. We are just now realizing the effects of light pollution on the cycle of night and day that supports mountain flora and fauna. The Cedar Mountain area is especially vulnerable in that it is situated where ample water rises as mist and reflects the [...]