Harvest Festival October 13, 4 – 8 pm

October 13 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm Join us for Harvestfest! It is the time of year we gather the bounty from our gardens, get together to give thanks and share our abundance.  Join us as we host our annual Harvestfest at the Cedar Mountain Canteen located at 10771 Greenville Hwy, Cedar Mountain. Food Processing 6 – 8 pm We will have the mill from Transylvania Shares on hand and will be milling corn, beans, grain and anything you want to bring to turn into flour and grits. We will mill after 6 pm.  Weather permitting we will have our camp fire blazing and make our vegan cornbread over the fire and anything else you want to cook and share with the community. Live Music 4 – 6 pm Richard Hardy presents Jim Warford Jim Warford is Kentucky born and bred with deep roots in Cumberland Gap. While his gene pool may have been a tad shallow, it was very musical, and he has played music for [...]

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What is going on in Cedar Mountain?

When John and I purchased the Cedar Mountain Canteen, we realized we had just purchased a public home to share with the community.  We have our private home and now we have a public one.  We have one bag of trash a year at our private home and we knew we had to work to have no waste at our public home. That intention is obvious and others have noticed. We know first-hand the impact extracting resources to create disposable items has on a community.  We lived the devastation and it is the reason we purchased a home on the Continental Divide.  After seeing a family's generational clean water well ruined by fracking, we realized how quickly clean water can disappear.  It was beyond our belief that it was lost so that a disposable item could be made.  A family lost their clean drinking water so that I could use something one time and throw it away.  What am I doing?  Since that move we have taken a [...]

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