Harvest Festival October 13, 4 – 8 pm

October 13 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm Join us for Harvestfest! It is the time of year we gather the bounty from our gardens, get together to give thanks and share our abundance.  Join us as we host our annual Harvestfest at the Cedar Mountain Canteen located at 10771 Greenville Hwy, Cedar Mountain. Food Processing 6 – 8 pm We will have the mill from Transylvania Shares on hand and will be milling corn, beans, grain and anything you want to bring to turn into flour and grits. We will mill after 6 pm.  Weather permitting we will have our camp fire blazing and make our vegan cornbread over the fire and anything else you want to cook and share with the community. Live Music 4 – 6 pm Richard Hardy presents Jim Warford Jim Warford is Kentucky born and bred with deep roots in Cumberland Gap. While his gene pool may have been a tad shallow, it was very musical, and he has played music for [...]

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What is going on in Cedar Mountain?

When John and I purchased the Cedar Mountain Canteen, we realized we had just purchased a public home to share with the community.  We have our private home and now we have a public one.  We have one bag of trash a year at our private home and we knew we had to work to have no waste at our public home. That intention is obvious and others have noticed. We know first-hand the impact extracting resources to create disposable items has on a community.  We lived the devastation and it is the reason we purchased a home on the Continental Divide.  After seeing a family's generational clean water well ruined by fracking, we realized how quickly clean water can disappear.  It was beyond our belief that it was lost so that a disposable item could be made.  A family lost their clean drinking water so that I could use something one time and throw it away.  What am I doing?  Since that move we have taken a [...]

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Bring Your Own

Many thanks to Sarah of Know Waste for creating this wonderful graphic to let people know an establishment welcomes you to bring your own reusable items. Cedar Mountain Fire & Rescue recently held another zero-waste fund raiser.  They hosted a pancake breakfast and Know Waste was on hand to help them with another event that has moved towards zero-waste. This canvas was displayed there.  Now it is at the Cedar Mountain Canteen until it is needed again somewhere else that has decided to stop wasting. Tin Roof Pizza Food Truck has announced they will be parked at the Cedar Mountain Canteen permanently after they fulfill some other commitments.  They have decided to stop wasting when serving at the Canteen and are now serving on reusable plates.  Want to help and support them?  Bring your own. Three neighboring establishments in Cedar Mountain have make a commitment to stop wasting.  Our heartfelt thanks.

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Moving to Conservers Plant-based potluck and a community conversation with Know Waste

August 11 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Join Moving to Conservers for a plant-based potluck and presentation by the new service Know Waste at the Cedar Mountain Canteen at 10771 Greenville Highway, Cedar Mountain.  Becoming a community free from waste requires a few services.  One is a sharing club which Conservers created in 2020.  It is great to have a sharing club but becoming free from waste can be a lot of work.  Sarah and Nick recently provided that work at the Cedar Mountain Fire and Rescue’s first zero-waste fundraiser.  The Fire Department served 120 meals with almost no waste thanks to services provided by them.  We call them Know Waste. Our ultimate goal is to provide support in our community so that individuals can bring their own place settings for use every where they go.  As we migrate and move to that goal, services like Know Waste provide much needed support. Our potluck begins at 6 pm and the conversation begins at 7 pm.  If you [...]

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Cedar Mountain Fire and Rescue votes to move to zero-waste

The neighbors of the Cedar Mountain Canteen, Cedar Mountain Fire and Rescue, have voted to move to being a zero-waste organization!  We were beyond words when they shared the news!  We are working side by side (the Cedar Mountain Canteen has a pledge to be zero-waste too) to support each other on our journey to stop wasting!  One of the first things they did was join Transylvania Shares so that they could use plates, napkins and silverware for their 4th of July weekend fundraiser.  They fed 120 people and have almost no waste!  What a great start.  It is so wonderful to have another organization to work with.

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Plant-based potluck and community conversation: Throw away your trash can – Moving to Zero Waste

Join us for a plant-based potluck and a community conversation on Moving to Zero Waste on June 9, 2022 at the Cedar Mountain Canteen at 10771 Greenville Highway, Cedar Mountain, NC 28718.  The potluck will begin at 6 pm and the conversation will begin at 7 pm. Please bring your own reusable place setting and a covered dish to share.  If you cannot provide food to share, for any reason, please join us.  We would love to feed you. Our last gathering was so lovely.  We had a wonderful group and great speakers who shared their knowledge of composting. We look forward to sharing together.


The gifting season is upon us, leading to gift boxes for the garage, stuffed closets and shelves needing sorting, and old items these new gifts displace ... but stuff is hard to recycle AND the Transylvania Landfill is filling up. greenzonenc.com can help! Primarily a textile recycler (used as final destination by St. Phil's Shoppe), it currently has a list of resources for those hard-to items: greenzonenc.com/latest-news/blog/. Here's some of the suggestions: Battaries & Old Electronics: Try Walmart, AutoZone. Other options listed. Medical Equipment: NC HELP (Health Equipment Loan Program) Diapers-new single use: Diapers Bank NC Used mattresses are up to 80% recyclable! 1-800-Got-Junk Other items include foam and stryafoam! PLEASE KEEP THIS REFERENCE! THE LOCAL LANDFILL IS OVERFLOWING AND THE EARTH NEEDS THIS HELP! THANKS!

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Thanksgiving Potluck was amazing. We are doing it for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve too!

We hosted about 40 people on Thanksgiving day and had virtually no clean-up at the end of the evening.  Thank you for bringing your own non-disposable place settings!  What a gift it is to not leave a mess behind.  There was a bounty of food and we even enjoyed feeding some travelers who were unaware of the potluck.  It was wonderful. We used tablecloths from Transylvania Shares and a water dispenser too.  Su decorated using beautiful leaves and other local treasures from our area.  Su's decorations were stunning. We enjoyed a nice gathering and practiced and demonstrated the beauty of reuse.  It was an evening of love and community and we are blessed you shared your time with us. Folks asked if we were going to do it again for Christmas.  Sure, we are hosting a potluck on Christmas Eve from 4 - 8 pm.  We are also hosting one on New Years Eve and we will have live dancing music from 6 - 8 pm. Please bring [...]

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Napkins! Napkins! Napkins!

Napkins? We know that composting is one of the fastest way to reduce the trash footprint of our community.  Rise and Shine has hired Hannah to help manage their food scraps and to help with their garden.  We are looking for individuals interested in doing a pick up service (we have paying customers waiting) and an individual to manage compost systems in people's yards (we have paying customers waiting). While we continue to search for those individuals, another campaign has come to our attention, a campaign to eliminate paper napkins from our community. How much fun is this!  We had a sewing bee at Cup and Saucer awhile ago and helped turn bins of fabric from Elisabeth's grandmother into napkins.  It was a lot of fun. Since buying the Canteen, John and I have been hosting food trucks and found all of them have been open to us supplying cloth napkins to their customers instead of using paper.  It has saved waste for us and saves money for [...]

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Harvest Fest was wonderful. Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made Harvest Fest an heart warming community event. What a special evening. It was so wonderful to share a potluck dinner with everyone. Transylvania Shares was onsite and brought their grinding mill. I brought in corn I had grown and it was milled into grits and flour. We made cornbread on the spot and shared it. It was a wonderful experience. What a wonderful, loving community we live in. Thanks to all the Moving to Conservers members who attended. After a (public) house full of people we had almost no clean up. Zero waste is such a gift.

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