About Kim Coram

Kim Coram is retired from The Bureau of the Public Debt, US Treasury Department where she served as an IT manager in a variety of disciplines ranging from computer security to website management. She is an US Air Force veteran and was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist. She was elected to Parkersburg, WV's city council where she served a 4-year term. Kim loved WV and decided to move after seeing the impact fracking has had and continues to have on this once paradise. She is now retired and lives in Cedar Mountain, NC where she enjoys clean drinking water, riding bikes with her husband, John, and taking her grandchildren on grand adventures in her "backyard".

Use Food Scraps Symposium Movie Night at Oskar Blues – Planning under way

Planning is under way for the Use Food Scraps Symposium being held March 28, 29 & 30th. Day 2 will include a movie night at Oskar Blues Taproom. Draft details are as follows: Friday March 29, 2019 Anthony Bourdain's Wasted! The story of food waste. 5 – 7 pm Meet community members & entrepreneurs working towards a solution 7 – 8:30 pm Movie Use Food Scraps Symposium A 3 day event bringing the community together for study, discussion and action towards keeping food out of our landfill. The Food Scrap Symposium is a series of community gatherings of study, conversation and local action on March 28, 29 & 30, 2019. Made possible by the following community members: Moving to Conservers, Just Ripe Farms, Oskar Blues Brewery, Transylvania County Solid Waste Authority, & The Hunger Coalition of Transylvania County. Visit UseFoodScraps.com for details

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Use Food Scraps Symposium planning underway

 The Food Scrap Symposium is a series of community gatherings of study, conversation and local action on March 28, 29 & 30, 2019. Made possible by the following community members: Moving to Conservers, Just Ripe Farms, Oskar Blues Brewery, Transylvania County Solid Waste Authority, & The Hunger Coalition of Transylvania County. The mission of the Use Food Scraps Symposium is to connect food scrap producers with those who can use food scraps and identify associated entrepreneurial opportunities. Food scraps are a resource many in our community can use to feed livestock and produce soil.  Currently there are few opportunities for producers and consumers of food scraps to connect.  Our goal is to help foster those connections. All are welcome to be a part of the event.  We look forward to learning and taking action together.

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Join us for the Gift of Time pop-up Coffee House in downtown Brevard

Join us for a "leave no trace" gathering at the gazebo in downtown Brevard to celebrate each other and the kindness of our community!  Bring a covered dish to share and a non-disposable place setting.  We are gathering from Noon - 3 pm on December 15, 2018!

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Jones Gap trail and a day at The Winds

Jones Gap trail use to be a toll road from the mountains to the land below.  It was used to transport items to market among other things.  There is a section on the trail called The Winds because it winds back and forth with switchbacks to make it easier to descend the steep terrain. Our neighbor, Bobby Jones, whose family the trail was named after (because they built it) told of a time he drove his tractor down there to collect their free-range pigs at slaughter time.  It is scary to think of that trip since hiking it in spots is quite narrow. It is a trail in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness area.  It is wilderness.  The Middle Saluda River's headwaters are not far from the trail head and it grows in size as the trail follows it.  It is spectacular.  There are numerous falls along the trail.  I believe the one pictured is named Moonshine Falls. Nature is amazing.  I don't believe we have even begun to [...]

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Hiking with unicorns

[et_pb_section bb_built="1" _builder_version="3.0.47"][et_pb_row _builder_version="3.0.48" background_size="initial" background_position="top_left" background_repeat="repeat"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.12" background_size="initial" background_position="top_left" background_repeat="repeat"] Hiking with unicorns Friday, seven volunteers came together at the Bracken Mountain Preserve parking lot in Brevard to take scholars from Rise and Shine hiking.  The van arrived with the students and after a very quick introduction and a few tips about hiking we took off. The scholars were fantastic.  The colors in the woods were stunning and several stopped to enjoy them and point them out.  The woods were magic with color, people, wildlife and nature.  A couple of the scholars wore unicorn costumes, which only added to the magic of the hike. We explained this trail was the gateway to many waterfalls, trails, stunning views and so much more.  I heard a lot of wonderful conversations between hike leaders and scholars and there is no doubt my day was enriched by being in the woods with all of them. Being connected and surrounded by the wonders of nature is the driving force [...]

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Lake Jocassee and a birthday party. Giving the gift of time.

As we move towards a household that does not create waste, we have had to evaluate our gift giving activities.  It is challenging to change from being a consumer to a conserver when your 8-year-old grand daughter's birthday is approaching and she wants stuff.  We decided to give her the gift of our time and take her camping, kayaking, and fishing.  She loves to fish.  We reserved a campsite at Devils Fork State Park in South Carolina and she and our grandson joined us for a weekend adventure. John and I have been boaters for a very long time.  Between the two of us, we have been on a lot of water.  I was stunned by Lake Jocassee.  It is crystal clear.  It is very very deep.  It can be very treacherous.  We set up camp on Wednesday and explored before the young explorers arrived.  The lake is breath-taking.  It is so large it shares a lot of characteristics you would see in the ocean.  I was very [...]

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Cooperatives, community learning with Moving to Conservers: The video

COOPERATIVES, presented by Kimberly Hunter of Mt. Biz Works (by S. Sunflower) Sixteen people met at the Elections Conference Room, Brevard, on 13 September. This was the second of funding and business structure presentations Moving 2 Conserver sponsored. Kimberly ‘zoomed’ in with a powerpoint show. The fantastic electronics allowed all to talk and see each other, in spite of distance. Conservers asked 3 questions, as we began: Why shouldn’t people use the coop structure? Not if it doesn’t fit originators business interests, coops are voluntary, democratic business tools. See also the Beneficial Corporation/B Corp, as another viable option: https://bcorporation.net. To define shared needs and directions, the ‘Margaret Mead’ discussion process is useful. Can a local public offering/NC PACES Act funding be used with the coop structure? Yes is the short answer. Mt. Biz is mentoring one such developing coop right now. That crowd-funding debut is 20 Sept., in Asheville. (Kim - flyer went home with someone … don’t have Kimberly’ home phone, either) What is the cost of [...]

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The Gift of Time Pop-up Coffee House coming back to downtown Brevard December 2018

Last year, Moving to Conservers hosted the Gift of Time pop-up coffee house in downtown Brevard.  You can see a write-up about last year's event here:  https://berightthere.info/events/the-gift-of-time-pop-up-coffeehouse-a-celebration-of-the-joy-in-simplicity/ The focus of the event is to remove the consumerism ascpect of the holidays and focus instead on time together and the immense gift of getting someone's time.  We had a great time last year and are looking forward to doing it again.  We have selected December 15th as the date for the gathering.  We have reserved the gazebo through the county and now we get to plan the fun! Interested in being a part of the planning?  Just let us know by emailing us at [email protected].  Thanks!

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