Christmas Eve Potluck

Join us at the Cedar Mountain Canteen for a community potluck Christmas Eve from 3 - 8 pm.  We will provide a plant-based meal and as always we will have a table for plant-based food.  All are welcome.  Please bring a covered dish to share and your own non-disposable place setting.  If you cannot bring food, for any reason, we would love to feed you. The Cedar Mountain Canteen is located at 10771 Greenville Highway, Cedar Mountain, NC 28718.  We look forward to sharing time together.

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We are hosting a Thanksgiving Day potluck again this year!

We are hosting a Thanksgiving Day potluck again this year! Last year we enjoyed a bountiful feast with dozens of our neighbors at the Cedar Mountain Canteen. It was a joy! We are doing it again this Thanksgiving Day from 3 – 8 pm. A turkey and a pork roast, purchased from local vendors will be served.  A vegan Wellington with gravy is also on the menu. Please join us. Bring a covered dish to share if you are able and your own reusable place setting. If you cannot bring food for any reason, please join us. We would love to feed you.

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Moving to Conservers partners with the City of Brevard community garden

Moving to Conservers has partnered with the City of Brevard on their new community garden.  We will be constructing their compost facility!  We met with Maureen and selected a compost site and now we need to schedule a work day to make the compost facility a reality. Let us know if you are interested in helping!  The City also joined Transylvania Shares tool library!  Thank you! Maureen shared this after our meeting at the garden. "I met with Kim Coram and John Wiseman out at the garden this morning.  They are with Moving to Conservers, one of our partner organizations.  Kim and John and the Conservers group will be building a compost bin area for the garden.  Believe they are going to construct it out of used pallets.  Attached is a photo of them and they are standing in the approximate area where the bins will go.  This way we can compost all the organic refuse from the garden and hopefully have some good compost to put back [...]

Compost Happens!

Moving to Conserver’s community composting initiative has picked up steam in 2022. People gather together and look to the future as we transition to a post-covid era (hopefully for good!). What better way than to nourish the soil with compost for our future gardens? We are happy to sponsor Mary Miller, who approached us for support with her capstone project for her MS in Sustainability and the Environment (MSSE) from UNC Greensboro. Serendipitously, her project is on advocating for community composting in Transylvania County. Work is well underway on two pilot sites. The first is at the Rice Street Community Garden on the property of St. Phillip’s Church in Brevard. A team of volunteers has built a four-bin compost structure and cleared the area of the remains of a decade-old compost system. Many thanks to Dolores Brown, who leads the community gardens at the Rice Street gardens. She tirelessly worked to coordinate volunteers and did quite a bit of heavy labor herself! The new system began operation officially [...]

Scholars are Conservers

Rise and Shine shared this newsletter recently.  We wanted to share it. Scholars are Conservers and Future Farmers Rise & Shine scholars know that composting is one of the fastest ways to reduce the trash footprint of our community so they are managing their food scraps to help with their garden. They have a bucket to collect compost waste from each meal. The scholars take the compost out each day. They turn the compost and maintain the bins. This fall they cleaned out the garden spaces and planted some winter vegetables. These beds have been covered to protect them from the winter weather. Recently the scholars harvested sweet potatoes and are watching broccoli, carrots, and herbs grow. Plans are underway to build a greenhouse this spring.  

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ShareWaste participants are growing! Thank you

ShareWaste is a website and phone application that connects people who have food scraps with those who want them.  We have been using it for awhile and are grateful for other local folks who have signed up.  Our biggest obstacle in getting food scraps turned into soil are finding locations that are willing to take food scraps.  This connection tool has helped us find much needed sites.  Thanks so much for signing up! Would you like to share your food scraps or accept food scraps?  Go here to sign up.

Spring Planting Fest

Transylvania Shares and Moving to Conservers Spring Planting Festival at the Cedar Mountain Canteen 10771 Greenville Highway, Cedar Mountain, NC 28717 March 19th 2 - 4 pm Let's get ready for planting food! Transylvania Shares will be onsite with equipment from their library and expertise from their members to help you get ready for Spring planting! Moving to Conservers will host their annual seed swap and a plant-based zero-waste potluck. Bring your seeds to share and a plant-based dish to share.  Please bring your own re-usable place setting. Shares will be grinding corn and dried beans if you have anything you would like turned into grits or flour. Farmer Phil will kick off his Just For Kids Mini-camp series that will be held every Saturday from 2 - 4 pm for children. They will enjoy everything from planting and tending a garden to a music jam.  The mini-camp is $10 per child.  The rest of the event is free.  

Thanksgiving Potluck was amazing. We are doing it for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve too!

We hosted about 40 people on Thanksgiving day and had virtually no clean-up at the end of the evening.  Thank you for bringing your own non-disposable place settings!  What a gift it is to not leave a mess behind.  There was a bounty of food and we even enjoyed feeding some travelers who were unaware of the potluck.  It was wonderful. We used tablecloths from Transylvania Shares and a water dispenser too.  Su decorated using beautiful leaves and other local treasures from our area.  Su's decorations were stunning. We enjoyed a nice gathering and practiced and demonstrated the beauty of reuse.  It was an evening of love and community and we are blessed you shared your time with us. Folks asked if we were going to do it again for Christmas.  Sure, we are hosting a potluck on Christmas Eve from 4 - 8 pm.  We are also hosting one on New Years Eve and we will have live dancing music from 6 - 8 pm. Please bring [...]

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Harvest Fest was wonderful. Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made Harvest Fest an heart warming community event. What a special evening. It was so wonderful to share a potluck dinner with everyone. Transylvania Shares was onsite and brought their grinding mill. I brought in corn I had grown and it was milled into grits and flour. We made cornbread on the spot and shared it. It was a wonderful experience. What a wonderful, loving community we live in. Thanks to all the Moving to Conservers members who attended. After a (public) house full of people we had almost no clean up. Zero waste is such a gift.

Join us for Harvest Fest on October 28th, a zero-waste potluck and festival

Join us for a community pop-up kitchen October 28th.  We will have a grinding mill onsite if you have things you want to turn into flour like corn, beans, grain.  We will have our fire pit going and be cooking food.  It is a great way to celebrate fall and the harvest and help the community process food together.  Looking forward to a wonderful evening together!  Transylvania Shares will be onsite sharing their stuff and answering questions on their sharing library! This is a potluck.  Please bring a dish to share if you are able and your own non-disposable place setting.  We strive to be waste free.  

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