Since purchasing the Cedar Mountain Canteen with Greg and Stephanie Thomas, we have been busy getting ready to open in November.  We are making a lot of changes.  We are focused on being a zero-waste business and that means we will be serving in real glasses.  Instead of purchasing an inventory of glassware, we have decided to borrow glassware from Transylvania Shares!  We attended their board meeting last week and made our pitch and it was approved unanimously.  How about that!  Transylvania Shares helping a new business get off the ground while practicing reuse and sharing!

Installing a commercial kitchen

In order to wash dishes on-site, we are required to have a health department and DEQ approved facility.  We have gotten all our approvals from DEQ and now we are working with the health department to install a commercial kitchen.  It will take us some time to get everything installed which means we will not be opening with real glassware.  This is a short term solution and we are motivated to make it as short as possible.

We plan on a November opening and we will keep everyone posted.  We are currently only allowed to serve outside and we are fine with that as we have some amazing outdoor space.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and ideas for our new adventure.  We look forward to providing wonderful, safe and welcoming space for our wonderful community.