BrakenLast night, 10 of us gathered for a meal and listened to the first 3 videos of the Think Resilience Self-Directed Course.

This is the second time we have attended one of these and the reaction is beautiful.  Individual’s reactions have ranged from one who has made a contract with herself to not use disposable coffee cups anymore to others working to become a zero-waste household.

Our household has been working on that since January and we have learned so much already from sitting down to a meal with others, listening to the Think Resilience Course, and discussing the message.

Here is something we recently learned.  Did you know you can take your own plate, cup, and napkin to Bracken Bakery?  We buy our bread there and get it sliced and put in a paper bag.  They let you bring the bag back for your next loaf.

Last night at the house party, we asked everyone to bring their own non-disposable place settings.  It was so fun to see all the different plates, napkins and utensils.  It was like an art exhibit.  Super fun.

If you would like to join the education and action, let us know.  You are most welcome.