Among a growing number of scientists, social innovators, community leaders, nongovernmental organizations, philanthropies, governments and corporations, a new dialogue is emerging around a new idea, resilience: how to help vulnerable people, organizations and systems persist, perhaps even thrive, amid unforeseeable disruptions. Where sustainability aims to put the world back into balance, resilience looks for ways to manage in an imbalanced world.  Learning to Bounce Back: Forget Sustainability. It’s About Resilience. By ANDREW ZOLLI, NY Times, November 2, 2012

When the world population is consuming 1.5 earths, and the population is growing and our finite natural resources like coal and oil are being depleted, what is going to happen?  How can we do our part to reduce and not use more earth than we have?

House PartyThat is the focus of a “Think Resilience” house party think tank group gathering in our local community.  We are using the online course from the Post Carbon Institute as our guide.  We gather for a potluck meal at a host’s home and listen to the material for the evenings discussion.  We then discuss our thoughts on the material.  Individually we do what moves us.  Each member of the group brings their own non-disposable place setting.  Clean-up for the host is minimal.  I love seeing all the different place settings on the table.  It looks like art to me.

Our home is working to be a zero-waste home, meaning we create no garbage and very little recycling.  We are getting closer all the time.  We started doing this in January.

By gathering with others who are interested in exploring resiliency we have already learned so much from others.  We look forward to learning more.

Our group is growing and others have expressed an interest in attending/hosting a gathering.  If you would like to join us, send me an email at [email protected].  We would love to hear from you.