We know that composting is one of the fastest way to reduce the trash footprint of our community.  Rise and Shine has hired Hannah to help manage their food scraps and to help with their garden.  We are looking for individuals interested in doing a pick up service (we have paying customers waiting) and an individual to manage compost systems in people’s yards (we have paying customers waiting).

While we continue to search for those individuals, another campaign has come to our attention, a campaign to eliminate paper napkins from our community.

How much fun is this!  We had a sewing bee at Cup and Saucer awhile ago and helped turn bins of fabric from Elisabeth’s grandmother into napkins.  It was a lot of fun.

Since buying the Canteen, John and I have been hosting food trucks and found all of them have been open to us supplying cloth napkins to their customers instead of using paper.  It has saved waste for us and saves money for the truck.

Now we have a goal of eliminating paper napkins from the county.  How many trees can we keep standing as a result?

As always, starting at the individual level is what we have found to be most effective.  How can you eliminate the use of paper napkins from your day?  John and I have started carrying a cloth napkin with us everywhere we go.  It is super easy and we love using a cloth napkin.  We have found so many cloth napkins at thrift stores and Transylvania Shares has a large supply for local events.

So how can we normalize folks carrying their own cloth napkins?  Each one of us can help by setting the example.

We would love to hear thoughts and ideas from you.  Anyone interested in starting a napkin service to help local business switch?  Lots of opportunity.

Lots of fun.  Reuse is fun 🙂