For me, one of the most interesting parts of moving to a zero-waste community is looking at the thought of waste differently.  I often ask myself:

When and why did it become OK to waste something?

There are so many businesses we need in our community to support a move to zero-waste it is exciting.  The first in my mind is a business that helps us divert food waste from the landfill.  We received so many excellent ideas during our essay contest to solve that problem.  We have put some in practice and need to continue to do that at a larger scale.

We have recently received a large supply of vinyl campaign signs so that

Use Food Scraps poster

we can keep them out of the landfill and facilitate reuse of them.  I have used my old campagin signs for a lot of purposes.  I left office 4 years ago and my signs are still going strong as repurposed signs and even a water barrier on a piece of outdoor furniture.

We have a variety of sizes and shapes from small to really big.  If you would like some, let us know by emailing us at  We would love to help you reuse them.

Kenn Webb, Transylvania County’s Solid Waste Director and really nice guy, recently asked if we knew of any ways to repurpose trophies.  He was asked and I told him I would put it out to you all and your beautiful fantastic minds.  Any thoughts?  Let us know.