Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus: The poor are rock stars. We idolize the wrong folks.

The poor are some of the smartest and most resourceful people we have in our society. They are survivors and that makes for an amazing education.

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Every dollar spent is a vote – vote local. Moving to Conservers group invest in local farm

"Every dollar is a vote." a financial advisor for environmental funds recently said at a local Sierra Club meeting presentation.  Agreed and keeping money local and using our votes to support what we want to have here and stay here is priceless.   A lot of times the things I treasure here cannot get traditional financing for a few reasons. There are numerous ways to invest locally.  Recently, our group pulled together and to date we have purchased $1000 worth of shares from a local farm to give them upfront capital for the upcoming growing season.  We are buying a portion of the upcoming year's harvest. Support for local ventures can use your upfront support and pay back in a variety of ways, depending upon the laws of your state.  For a great example of these options in action, check out this investment site Investibule:  

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Do you want to start a co-op in Brevard? How about an investment club that supports local business? Let's end inequality in our community!

Awhile ago, we sent out a survey and asked folks to let us know if they were interested in participating in a "think tank" house party program.  Many responded that they were interested and some even supplied their contact information.  So we gathered and continue to gather.  Currently, we are using the Post Carbon Institute’s online video course Think Resilience as the basis of our study. You can view the first 6 videos of the course for free.  Introduction  Energy  Population & Consumption  Depletion  Pollution  Political & Economic Management We are about to wrap up that course and are moving forward to the next step.  What will that be?  We do not know but we have a lot of ideas.  Our discussions have been focused primarily on strengthening our local economy and building our resilience. Does that mean we start a series of co-ops in Brevard? Does that mean we invest in our local economy and stop sending our money to Wall Street? Does that mean we start [...]

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