It is amazing how much is going on in John’s and my life in regards to reuse and eliminating waste.

Earlier this year we advertised for 3 compost positions. One was to work with Rise and Shine to set up and manage a compost program. The second was for a pick up and drop off service and the third was to work with households in our community who want to compost and want a service to help.

Rise and Shine now has a paid position managing their compost and community garden! The position was filled in the summer. The student hired for the job has moved on to start her studies. It was perfect timing. When we worked with Rise and Shine regarding the position we had someone who was starting in September so the summer employee who helped get it underway was a perfect fit.

We have learned as a group how composting at home can significantly reduce the amount of garbage we send to the landfill. Now we get to learn and work with a commercial program and scale our success. We are grateful for the partnership of Rise and Shine. It is exciting to watch the program grow and to teach youth how easy it is to create less waste.

We are still looking for a pick up and delivery service. We are also waiting for a meeting with a household who wants to help us craft the components of a management service so they can do it at home.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts!