Moving to Conservers has partnered with the City of Brevard on their new community garden.  We will be constructing their compost facility!  We met with Maureen and selected a compost site and now we need to schedule a work day to make the compost facility a reality. Let us know if you are interested in helping!  The City also joined Transylvania Shares tool library!  Thank you!

Maureen shared this after our meeting at the garden.

“I met with Kim Coram and John Wiseman out at the garden this morning.  They are with Moving to Conservers, one of our partner organizations.  Kim and John and the Conservers group will be building a compost bin area for the garden.  Believe they are going to construct it out of used pallets.  Attached is a photo of them and they are standing in the approximate area where the bins will go.  This way we can compost all the organic refuse from the garden and hopefully have some good compost to put back into the garden!

Kim and John have also volunteered to donate some blueberry bushes for the garden.  We have a sloped area between the ADA section and the regular garden that we want to cover in blueberry or other fruit bushes.  This will help hold the soil and also provide blueberries for everyone.  So, a big thank you to Kim and John! (this is the area in the second photo with straw over it right now)

If you have any native pollinator plants that you want to donate let me know.  We can add some pollinator type flowers around the garden to look nice and also attract those beneficial pollinators!

We are planning to plant two native paw paw trees at the back of the garden.  Basically this will be in the area over by the tool shed where we are not planning any plots.  We will plant these on April 28th at 4pm.  This is going to be the City’s “official” Arbor Day celebration.  Yes, it’s the day before Arbor Day but Thursday works better for scheduling.  We have invited the Rise & Shine Scholars to come join and help plant the trees.  They are excited about being part of the event. Everyone is invited to come!  Hope all of you can come out and celebrate Arbor Day and the garden! (Keep your fingers crossed for good weather)”