John and I have been growing our own food as long as we have lived here.  Every year things get easier.  Recently we have been focusing on growing grains and making meals.  This year, through our seed exchange, we were able to get some corn seeds for meal and grits.  What we don’t have is a grain mill.  Now we don’t need one because we can share one being made available by a Transylvania Shares member.  He also has a food dehydrator available.  Thanks so much for sharing!

Here are his descriptions of the items available and conditions for use.

Country Living motorized Grain Mill with corn auger: This is a steel burr mill capable of grinding coarse (grits) to fine (corn meal) to ultra fine (flour). The corn auger accessory allows for the grinding of any sized grain, from small Amaranth to large corn kernels, wheats, oats, even beans. The mill is accessorized with a measured hopper and a food-grade bin with lid. It cannot grind wet ingredients like peanuts for butter or posole for masa, but I can get an auger accessory for that if the need arises.

I would like to offer it on an “as-needed” basis and house it at my place, but my preference would be to work towards a Community Mill/Molina Communitaria day, preferably a regularly scheduled day, perhaps once or twice monthly. That will take some working up to, like anything good! It would be nice to pair this with some sort of bulk buyer’s club or other type of distribution day. I am open to the community as to how this would all work. In the meantime, this whole-grain, healthy food-producing, baker’s friend is available.


Nesco American Harvest Gardenmaster electric Food Dehydrator with 4 racks and 1 jerky panel.

Dries veggies, grains, legumes, fruits, can be used to make fruit leather, pemmican, jerky. Use for meat is OK. Borrower must wash all racks (dishwasher safe to use) before returning. Dehydrator should not be left unattended ie, left running at home while away at work.