Interested in joining our local sharing club, Transylvania Shares?  You can apply online or you can download the membership form and deliver it.

You can download the form here:  Membership Agreement and Borrowing Rules

You can apply online by going here:

You can visit their website here:

We look forward to hearing from you.  Questions?  Email


Membership details

Who can join the Coop?
Any resident of Transylvania County, upon making an application. People who are not in Transylvania County may join upon making application and being approved by a vote of the Board.

How do you join?
You can submit an application online by going to
You can also print an application form and submit it.

What are the membership fees?
$30.00 for a year’s membership. However, members are encouraged to contribute a higher amount if possible. However, no matter how much money is contributed, each member will have one vote (one member = one vote; this holds for organizations and families – one member one vote – no multiple votes per family or organization)

Members may join any month of the year but all Annual Renewals will be done in March of each year.

Proration of Membership: If you join in the last 3 months of the membership year (December, January, February) you may pay 1/2 price. And then, pay the full membership fee in March to renew.

Leaving the Coop.
How does a person/organization leave the Coop?
By not renewing their annual fee. If they quit during the year, they do not get any refund.