Happy Earth Day!  I hope everyone is finding a way to celebrate Earth Day.  This is certainly different than the Earth Day we had planned.  Our phone has been ringing a lot and we are excited by the energy in our community to care for each other.

We have also heard the dire projections of hunger that may be in the world’s future.  What can one person do?  Here is a suggestion.  Use your food scraps to help grow more food locally.  It is a great start and can have a huge impact.  It is estimated 25 – 40 percent of our landfill is food.  Imagine if we diverted that food locally to feed livestock and make soil so that we can grow more food for our community.

If you can start a compost bin in your own space, that is great.  Need help?  Let us know by giving us a call at 828-966-5367.

Don’t have space to create your own?  There are drop off stations in our community and you can share your scraps with them.  They use them to make food for the community.  You can see a list of the drop off sites here:  https://movingtoconservers.com/food-scrap-drop-off-locations/

John and I also accept food scraps of all kinds to include bones.  We make biochar out of them, an ancient soil amendment.  We accept scraps from several folks and if you are interested in sharing with us we would love to work with you.  We don’t create enough scraps to replenish our own garden beds each year and are always looking for more.

Being able to feed ourselves and our community brings a lot of peace to our community.  Will you help by making a pledge to use your food scraps to grow food instead of our landfill?  We would love to help.  Just give us a call and we will get started.

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Happy Earth Day!