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Davidson River School garden work day was inspiring

On Thursday, July 30th, a group of dedicated volunteers showed up to work after a downpour.  It didn't rain a drop after we got started.  Barbara Grimm, the principle of Davidson River School had a lot of projects ready for us to tackle. A new compost facility Thanks to a pallet donation from Sylvan Sport, we were able to create a compost facility at the school so students can turn their food scraps into dirt.  Gabriel Covington, a student from Brevard College, helped us put the facility together.  It is so great to spend time with Gabriel.  He is always anxious to be part of a community project and he brings the energy of his youth.  Thanks Gabriel for your help! Kathleen Hannigan, a local artist, helped us add a community art piece the facility, just as we did at Rise and Shine.  Kathleen set up a table and got busy sawing wood planks for use in the compost tree we [...]

Potting plants for the Hunger Coalition giveaway on August 23rd

This past spring, we worked with other community partners to prepare and give away plant starts at the Hunger Coalition's food distribution.  The project was a great success and patrons at the distribution have continued to ask for plants.  One person shared photos of her plants and they were stunning!  Thanks, Shane for passing these on.  Shane is on the Hunger Coalition's board and a member of our project, Eating Consciously. Because a large part of Moving to Conservers' work focuses on eliminating the thought that anything is disposable, we have updated our tag that goes with the plants asking for the return of pots and unused soil from the previous distribution.  Thanks to John Lawson for creating and updating the tag for us! Reuse helps in so many ways. One of our greatest needs for continuing the plant give-away is high-quality soil Composting creates soil and soil is one of the things we need the most in order to support this [...]

Consumer Alert: Watch out for unsolicited seeds

Elizabeth Pell sent this our way and we wanted to share.  Matter of fact, several folks sent this after Elizabeth shared it. CONSUMER ALERT Watch Out for Unsolicited Shipments Tuesday, July 28, 2020 Our office has learned that some North Carolina residents have received seed packets from China or other foreign sources that they did not order in the mail. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said the shipping of these seeds is likely the product of an international internet scam known as “brushing.” According to the Better Business Bureau, third-party sellers use your address and Amazon information to generate a fake sale and positive review to boost their product ratings. People who have received these seeds are advised not to plant them by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services(NCDA&CS). This type of international shipment of plant material is against the law. Our office is working hard to protect consumers, but the best way to protect yourself is to follow these tips: NCDA&CS asks anyone who [...]

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WLOS TV news shares a story about Roosterhead feeding the community.

Roosterhead is receiving some well-deserved recognition for their work feeding the community.  You can see a story about them at WLOS by going here: Thanks Roosterhead for all you do!

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Eating Consciously, Eating Seasonally, Eating Locally

Barbara Kingsolver wrote in her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Most of the fruits and vegetables needed a passport to get to your plate. Yikes… we can do better than that! It is my intent with this series of articles to not only guide you for eating seasonally but to try your best to get local or regionally grown plant foods. And do this recipe free! I have nothing against recipes but one does need to learn how to be innovative and serendipitous when cooking out of the garden or what is staring at you from the fridge or purchased at the farmers market. This is a great time of year to begin exploring your options at local farmers’ markets, farm stands and businesses which support this philosophy. We shall begin with a family called cucurbits. In that vast group we at this time of year in our climate are enjoying all sorts of summer squash, zucchini and cucumbers along with cantaloupe and watermelon. Once frost arrives in the [...]

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Maureen needs help at the Blue Zone Project Kick-Off

Maureen sent this request for help and we wanted to pass it along. Blue Zone project is having their big kick-off event on Aug 22nd from 10 to 1.  They are going to be having a series of booths in their parking lot where they are giving out info etc.  Sort of a small Farmers Market...same social distancing precautions etc. I have volunteered to man the garden booth where they will be giving out seeds for fall planting... kale, spinach, arugula and I think they are getting some plant starts from Gaia to also give away (kale, chard, collards, broccoli, cabbage).  I'm wondering if there is anyone from the Conservers who would like to come and help man the booth with me?  Can you put out the word and see if anyone feels comfortable doing this.  We will have spacing between booths, masks required, hand sanitizer. Thanks Maureen If you are interested in helping, please let Maureen know by emailing her at Thanks!  

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Help us give away plants with the Hunger Coalition again and help those in need grow their own food

The Hunger Coalition and Moving to Conservers are working together again to give away plants this fall for those who are food insecure.  Here is a note Gail Kinard from the Hunger Coalition shared: Hi Everyone, Shane and I are organizing a fall plant give-away at an upcoming Hunger Coalition food distribution.  The spring plant give-away was extremely successful, and some people are still asking for plants at the distribution so we're hoping that the fall distribution will be just as good! Ideally, we would get the plants distributed in early August, but I'm not sure we can get everything together by then, so it looks like it might be Sept. 3rd. Shane and I are going to talk through some of the details tomorrow, but she has already gotten a commitment from Kate at Gaia to once again donate plant starts.  We're thinking of focusing on four or five different fall crops.  We will still need pots and soil, and volunteers to help pot the starts. Barbara Grimm's husband [...]

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Davidson River School needs help getting their garden ready for students

We received this email from Barbara Grimm, the principal at Davidson River School.  Interested in helping?  Email and let her know. Hey everyone, since COVID, William and I have been working hard to beautify the Davidson River Campus. We have raised beds with fresh vegetables and a beautiful pollinator garden behind our picnic shed. We are also working to build a greenhouse out of recycled materials to begin growing food hydroponically. My intention is to create something beautiful and life-sustaining for our students to come back to. I am at the place where I could use a bit more help and wanted to invite anyone interested to meet at the school on Thursday, July 30th at 5:00, Rain date is Tuesday, August 4th. I still need to do some weeding , outlining beds, spreading mulch and planting new plants. We may also be at a point where we need help with the greenhouse. I promise there is enough space and areas that we don't have to be right [...]

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A video about NC industrial hog farms and what their neighbors endure. Let’s meet Naeema!

Recently, we kicked off a project called Eating Consciously.  We have 4 community members with a variety of expertise who have stepped up to help us understand the impact our food choices have on others and ways to move from those choices if we so desire.  It is something John and I were curious about and appreciate having so much support as we learn and adapt to change our habits that harm others.  We thought others may be interested in the same journey and it didn't take long until a team was put together to help us study together. Above is a video about industrial hog farms in North Carolina.  It was eye-opening for us. We are excited to announce that Naeema Muhammad, Organizing Director, NC Environmental Justice Network has agreed to an interview for our Eating Consciously podcast! Before the interview, we wanted to reach out to the community and get your feedback.  What would you like to ask Naeema?  What format do you think [...]

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Eating Consciously – as we eat at home more our food scraps increase. Your scraps can help us feed our neighbors

For years, Moving to Conservers has worked to change what we define as waste and trash, especially when it comes to food.  Reducing food waste is considered one of the number one things we can do to increase the health of our environment.  Diverting food scraps to farms helps them feed our local community. For some articles on the topic and ways you can use or let others use your food scraps go here:

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