Susan Sunflower sent this our way to share.  We have learned a few of these tricks thanks to Noel! (shown above).  She has given us many classes on fermenting and I for one have started fermenting as a result.  Thanks Susan for passing this on.
carrot stick ferments
Having problems finding yeast at the store to make bread? Have you thought that this might be a good time to learn how to make cheese?
Check out this upcoming webinar series all about fementology! Appropriate for the home cook / wildlife explorer / high school student.
I am just sharing this information… please visit the web site for more information and to find contact info for questions. Sessions begin April 16.
The seminars will be online and will be recorded. The first one also happens to launch our new sourdough project. Take a look. We have bakers, cheesemakers, archaeologists, evolutionary biologists, chemists, paleontologists and more, all talking about the wildlife in your kitchen.
These will be intelligible for a high school audience (and we are sneakily covering some high school Biology and Chemistry curricular goals), but hopefully of interest to anyone who likes food.